Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I'm Back

I'm back, well, for today anyway. I've managed to persuaded myself to sit down and actually write something. It's getting the time to actually open a laptop these days here. Both kids are busy busy and its been a trail of birthdays after birthdays and a lot of goings on for me over the last few months. So, I felt the need to sit and get some things up to date here.

My big news which most of you know is I am pregnant with baby number 3. It's very very early days and although I'm putting it out there so early I haven't told many folk in real life. Our parents know and closest friends but I needed somewhere to vent my worries and general moans so chose to put it out on twitter this week when I turned 5 weeks and both sets of parents had been informed. It's been good to have some where to feel positive about it. Every one's been lovely and encouraging me to banish my worst fears until I need to. I had an early miscarriage at the end of September there and believe me there are plenty of worries for me. The lovely @the_moiderer has helped with a recording of fabulously positive thoughts for me and its working a treat. Thanks D. So I am 5 weeks and 1 day and counting. I should be 12 weeks around New Year so keep everything crossed for me til then please. Right now I will breathe a bit easier if I can make it past 6 weeks.

It's my little man's 3rd birthday on Sunday coming and I've been wracking my brains what to do for it.

 We have a winter fair in the town on Sunday with Santa arriving by helicopter and the Christmas lights being switched on so I want to go to that and make the most of the celebrations there as he will love that but then with it being his birthday it is one of those busy busy days and with my energy levels as they are right now I am trying to work out what's best for it. I'm a little bit aghast that 3 years has passed so fast and cannot grasp that this time 3 years ago he was already overdue. He's such a fabulous little man and I adore him in every way. I can't wait for him to be a big brother because I know he will be amazing at it. Anyway, at least the cakes decided. Sophie picked a Winnie the pooh cake in Marks and Spencer's one day recently so I am going to collect it at the weekend. Little Caleb will love it and for the first year with both kids I haven't made cakes but I am enjoying the rest.

On another note altogether I have started my Christmas shopping and hoping to finish it in the next couple of weeks. I want to be organised because stupidly we have arranged to have our main room redecorated in December and that will cost us so I want the kids stuff sorted now. I also hate the rushing round on Christmas eve so I want to avoid that stress this year.

We're having a huge Christmas dinner at my mums this year with everyone there and we're all contributing to cooking and booze. We've each put £100 in the kitty and taking money out to buy our share of the meal and booze/decorations/entertainment. Mums using two huge tresssle tables and we're decorating it for everyone. There should be around 20 of us. I think it will be lovely and cuts out the worry of who to see for Christmas which means I'm actually looking forward to it this year. As long as the mother in law doesn't demand our company at her annual crap Ttesco buffet day on boxing day. I hate boxing day and we always have it at home to recover and have some us time. There's a fall out every year over it and last year she was told so fingers crossed she's got the message.

Anyway, its good to be back. I promise I will try to keep up with everyone else's blogs a bit better and can't wait to keep this updated with my most recent adventure.