Saturday, 30 April 2011

Sodastream Limited edition- World Without Bottles

Product:  Sodastream World Without Bottles -Limited Edition

"More than 300,000 tonnes of PET plastic soft drinks packaging could be saved every year by replacing traditional soft drinks with SodaStream, a new report has revealed.

Compiled by the Lancaster Environment Centre (Lancaster University) the document, called Soft Drinks: Hard on the Environment, highlights the environmental impact of packaging created by the £13.2 billion soft drinks industry.
The average UK consumer drinks 229 litres of soft drinks every year and the report claims that by making such refreshments at home using systems such as SodaStream, the UK could reduce PET soft drinks packaging by 84%, or 303,084 tonnes, every year.
That would mean greenhouse gas emissions associated with soft drinks packaging would be cut by approximately 600 tonnes every year, and water used in the production of soft drinks would be cut by around 66,300 million litres.
SodaStream, which commissioned the report, produces drinks makers which are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional soft drinks. They use less packaging, encourage packaging reuse and use a concentrate diluted with tap water to make drinks at home – saving on lorry loads of liquid being transported unnecessarily.
By switching from traditional soft drinks to SodaStream, the average UK household would use just 45 plastic bottles per year – as opposed to 433 traditional soft drinks bottles.
SodaStream’s Fiona Hope said: “Packaging prevention, reuse and recycling are vital if we are to create a ‘zero-waste’ economy. This report shows the environmental impact of soft drinks packaging – and how we can easily reduce it.
“SodaStream uses less packaging, giving consumers a solution which is fun to use and great-tasting as well as being environmentally-friendly.”
 Soft Drinks: Hard on the Environment is a secondary piece of work summarising existing research. Further primary research is being carried out and will be available in 2011."

Price:  from £59.99

Available from:, Argos, Amazon, Supermarkets

Suitable from: Any age

Score out of 5: 5

Initial Reaction: Wow, we were so excited. I always wanted a soda stream as a child but wasn't allowed. We couldn't wait to get it out and play with flavours etc. The packaging was very Eco friendly and looked great and the colours on the machine were bright and modern.

Pros: Compact and easy to use. Looks great in our kitchen. Saves money in soft drinks and flavoured sparkling water. The plastic bottle is practical for family use and is great for the enviroment too.

Cons: It only comes with one bottle and to be honest a spare would be great with a larger family.

Value for money? Great value for money

Overall Reaction: We loved the SodaStream. My teenager uses it every day for sparkling water and often doesn't even use flavourings which is great as it encourages her to drink more water but also saves on the packaging waste from our usual soft drinks.
The flavourings range from water flavourings to diet sodas and mixers such as tonic water and ginger ale. They are all reasonably priced for around £3.29 - £4.99 for the variety packs. Cylinders cost around £19.99 but you are refunded £10 of that when SodaStream receive your empty one back which seems like a good idea and also encourages less waste again.
The system is really easy to use, you just fill the bottle to the level indicator, screw it into the machine and press the button 3 times until it buzzes and bingo, carbonated water and then you can add any flavouring you want. Easy Peasy.
This is a definate must for any household. Big thumbs up SodaStream.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Day Out

On Good Friday the kids, myself and all my family and sisters in laws went to Culzean Castle for a day out. My Brother in Law whom I love dearly was leaving on Easter Sunday to work offshore so we thought a nice day out before hand would be good.

Firstly we all waited at Gran and Papas for Granny to finish doing the Church easter flowers and come home and get ready to go. Caleb and Papa spent ages looking for butterflys and bumble bees while we waited in the sunshine. Around lunchtime we headed off.

When we arrived we set up and had a picnic lunch. It was sunny and gorgeous. The kids played in the play park at the swan pond for hours. My elder nephew and Caleb adored it and made lots of new friends. Sophie however thought it all a bit of chore and would much rather have been at home with her little boy friends understandably.
In the end though all in all we all had a great time. Good food, great weather and great company will do that for you. My newest nephew was an angel and you wouldn't know there was a baby in the company.

I'm super sad to see my Brother in Law head off to sea again but looking forward to his next time home already.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Gallery - My Blog

I haven't taken part in ' The Gallery' for ages, or even this year I think so although this weeks topic stumped me a little here goes.

This week the topic over at  Tara Cains sticky fingers blog is 'My Blog'.

So, what does my blog mean to me? It started out as the place I wanted to become a 'Mummy Blogger' someone who had advice a tips for other mummy's and reviews. In the end once I put fingers to keyboard so to speak it became just a diary of my family. I don't any longer consider myself a 'Mummy Blogger' and to be honest don't strive to be either. I post about whats on my mind, causes I believe in, what we have been up to as a family and the trials and tribulations of life in general for a wife, mother,daughter, friend, sister, cat owner and  bi polar sufferer.

It's come a long way in a year. I started it nearly exactly a year ago with this post The 28th of April to be exact and posted only 96 posts until December 2010. This year I have posted 64 times already in 4 months. It's now the place I come to escape and talk to myself about whatever I feel at the time. If you read it and like it fine. If you don't well, its really not about you, it's about me. I don't have anything else really that's just mine alone and about me, so selfishly, or not so selfishly this is ALL ABOUT ME.

And a lot about Him. (cause hes amazing)

AND some about them (CUTE my babies)
Once and a blue moon about HIM. (not often though sheesh)

But mostly all about ME ME ME ME. 

The Gallery: Every Wednesday

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

DIY Dilema

What is it with men and DIY??? Does it turn them all into bears with sore heads or just mine??

Today, after it lying there for over 6 weeks my other half in his infinite wisdom decided to hang the shower screen I had bought. While he was away at college I did every other thing around here needing done but as the shower screen is a two man job I had to wait for him to get home. That was 3 weeks ago.

Today, HE decided to get round to it. It was a disaster needless to say. Now I have several holes drilled unnecessarily in the bathroom walls mostly due to the fact while I was telling him he was drilling in the wrong place he shouted and cursed about me not knowing what I was talking about. Then he fell out with me as when he did hang the damn thing as soon as I opened it it stuck open, due to the bottom hinge being in the wrong place. I rest my case.

He then spent an hour turning the hinge round and putting it in the way I suggested at first.

It's hung now, but how long until it falls off I have no idea.

I give up I really do.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Whats in My Fridge???

I've been tagged by the lovely Helen over at in the meme 'The Refridgerator' . Now I have to show you and list the contents of my fridge. Considering I did a shop yesterday I'm dreading it. I may be here for some time. EEK

Ok so here's the vast list. 

Arran Chutney
Kiwi Soda Stream syrup
Cranberry soda stream syrup
1pt skimmed milk
21/2ltres semi skimmed milk
2ltres of full fat milk
Helmans Mayo extra light
2 bottles of Erdinger
1 Bottle of Sauv Blanc (didnt last long)
Petit Filous
Sliced Turkey
Sliced Ham
A whole chicken
Steak Mince
Diced stewing steak
Diced carrot and swede
Grated Cheddar
Mature Cheddar
2 Packs of Lurpak Lighter
8 Cans of Diet Coke
4 orange sugar free fruit shoots
4 apple sugar free fruit shoots
Cranberry Jelly
Raspberry Jam 
13 Eggs
Sandwich Pickle

So there you are. Its all a bit bonkers and  a a mish mash of tastes. So whats in your fridge. Give us a look......


Sorry if you have already been tagged ladies if not good luck. 

Friday, 15 April 2011

Find Out More About Me

I have been tagged by the lovely Dawn over at The Moiderer to answer some questions to help you find out more about me. I'm always happy to spill about me and my nuttiness so here goes.

Which Living Person do you admire most and why?

I think I would say my Dad. I know most people put famous people but I really do admire my Dad. Hes 67 and still working to give my Mum and he a lovely home and life. He's financially helped out anyone who's ever needed it and is always first with a hug and a chat if any of us need it. He's a fantastic business man who's potential is hardly ever recognised in its entirety but he carries on regardless. He's always been my Dad, my confident and my best friend (him and my Mum).

When were you happiest?

I think probably as a child. I was obviously over the moon when my babies were born but it was filled with anxiety about depression etc too so I would say my childhood was happiest. I never had to worry or stress as a child and felt unconditionally loved and special.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Anything to do with public speaking probably. I am funnily enough painfully shy and lacking in self confidence so any time I have had to speak throughout education or work I choke and have a squeaky shaky voice. I hate it and find it intensely embarrassing.

Aside from Property whats the most expensive thing you've bought?

Probably my car. We just bought it and it was the most expensive one I've ever owned.

What is your most treasured possession?

My engagement ring. It was my second one after my first fell apart and hubby and I designed it, sourced the stones and had it made. It valued 4x more than it all cost us and I adore it. I worry about something happening to it so much I'm scared to wear it a lot of the time.

Where would you like to live?

I'd love to live in the states. I've never been but would love to go and think I would be hard pushed to want to come home.  If I had to be realistic about it though I'd love to move back to Paris.

What is your favourite smell?

Babies newly bathed.  I still bath my little one at 2.5 in baby shampoo just so I can breathe him in.

Who would you like to play you in a film of your life?

Sandra Bullock. We look nothing alike but shes fantastic and comes across a bit nutty like me.

What is your favourite book?

The James Patterson Alex Cross series if I'm in a serious mood or any Marion Keyes if I fancy a good giggle.

What is your most unappealing habit?

Probably filing my nails. I do it a lot and Hubby hates the noise.

What would be your fancy dress costume of choice?

Marilyn Munroe probably. She was so gorgeous wasn't she??

What is your earliest memory?

Having my night nappy put on lying on my sisters bed. It had the huge safety pins with pink safety covers on. My mum thinks I' d have been around 18months.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Wine. I love wine. I try to behave with it so have cut right down.

What do you owe your parents?

Everything. I'm who I am because of them and I have the morals and manners I have because of them. They've helped me through the darkest times of my life and been a huge crutch. I don't know how I'd have gotten through single motherhood and depression without them.

To whom would you like to say sorry and why?

I'd like to say sorry to my best friend Stuart for the stupid fall out we had when I was 16 and we didn't speak for 2 years and when we did again it was never the same again. I'm sorry I didn't get to tell him I loved him and how sorry I was. He died when I was 21 in a horrific road accident. He'd asked me to go round for dinner the next night and a proper chat and he died before I could tell him. It will always be my biggest burden to carry. He never knew how much he meant to me.

What or who is the greatest love of your life?

My kids.

Who was the best kiss of your life?

Can't tell you that!!!! I'm married. LOL

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

Infuriated!! I swear a lot. I try not to but I suffer from severe potty mouth itis.

Whats the worst job you've done?

Nannying. I hated it!

If you could edit your past what would you change?

I wish I'd known to show people how much they meant to me more at a younger age. When you're young and carefree you don't realise what loss feels like and how much you regret.

Whats the closest you've come to death?

I had a bad car accident in 2005 and at the time I thought I was a gonner as the car spun over and over. I remember being upside down when it stopped and looking at my hands and touching my face to make sure I was alive. weird.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Functioning every day and giving my children a completely normal upbringing despite my bi polar.

When did you cry last and why?

Last night when talking to a lady who inspires me with her courage.

How do you relax?

Whats that????

What single thing would improve your quality of life?

Enough money to pay the negative equity off in our house so we could sell it and move. This house and our neighbour problems has ruined a lot of everything for us for the last few years.

Whats the most important lesson life has taught you?

Everything happens for a reason and appreciate the people you have as they may be gone in a flash.

Now I have to tag people I'd like to know more about. Apologies if any of you have already been tagged but here goes.

@jessies_online as she's lovely.
@cheshire_claire as shes funny and I bet it'll make us laugh
@kateagreen as shes just too cute
@annieqpr as she's an inspiration.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Fairy Hobmother Visits

I had the loveliest surprise just the other day. A surprise visit from 'The Fairy Hobmother' after leaving a comment on the lovely Dawns blog over at The Moiderer.

The Fairy Hobmother goes around blog land sprinkling happy dust in the form of gifts in return for a little mention on your blog. Its fantastic. I was offered some Amazon vouchers which couldn't have come at a better time. Last week I was eyeing up slow cookers in a shop while I was out with Caleb and thinking how much easier it would make my life as I am terrible for going out all day and then being so late feeding the troops. What would suit me better than being able to stick the dinner on in the morning and it be ready for eating at dinner time. So, I was over the moon of the prospect of a little help with the price of one.

I went online and ordered a Morphy Richards 6.5l Slow Cooker from Amazon and am over the moon with it already. It arrived last night and first thing this morning I threw in onion, mince, tomatoes, garlic, dried herbs and beef stock and left it on low. Needless to say tonight we had yummy spag bol which we all enjoyed and even better it was on time.

Yum Yummy

So, a huge thank you Fairy Hobmother.

If you fancy a visit from the Fairy Hobmother why not leave a comment below and see if it could be your turn for a surprise next.

Monday, 11 April 2011

My Laminated List

Here's one I haven't done before. Lovely Kate over at Kate Takes 5 's Listography.

Basically this week it is based on the episode from Friends where Ross choses his top 5 woman he'd like to have a one night stand with and as they are famous and unobtainable he's allowed a 'laminated list'.

Most of my 5 will come as no surprise to those who know me. Some of them are slightly more out there. I have very strange taste in some men and theres no 'type' in there so stand by and hold on to your hats......

Here goes........

1/ Didier Drogba who Plays for chelsea. I am his ultimate female follower. I love a man with talent too and this guys football skills are second to none in my opinion and I adore his bad boy attitude. RARH!!

2/ Morgan Freeman. Amazing actor and I can't explain why he'd be on my list at 72 years of age he just does it for me. Sorry.

3/ Jared Leto. What more can I say other than YUM.

4/ Jamie Rednapp. Not only is he very handsome and stylish but a lovely guy from what I can see and has a beautiful family. Would just quite like to shake his hand I think though as his wife is too nice for me to lust after her man.

5/ Zac Efron. Sooooooo wrong but yet I can't help it. I would. He's adorabley gorgeous. Its a standing joke in our house that I'm a cradle snatching woman and need to NOT watch 17 again anymore. (only seen it ohhhhh 100+ times. )

So there you go. It's out there and I bet you're thinking I'm even more strange now. Go on tell me yours.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Off Colour but Not ill

Have your kids ever been just 'off colour' but not otherwise ill??? Caleb seems to be and I have no idea whats wrong.

He hasn't eaten more than a few bites of food in 3 days. He was a bit sick on Tuesday night but nothing since and doesn't seem to have any other symptoms. He's not that bothered about drinking either but I am managing to get him to take some milk in a bottle and the odd bottle of water.

You just know when your little one isn't themselves. I'm wondering could it be his back teeth or could it be hayfever season starting and although its not making him look unwell could it knock him off? Whatever it is I am keeping a close eye on him. I know when hes not right and in my opinion just now he is not.

New Wheelzzzz

On Thursday we went for a day trip to Largs to let the kids have a bit of air and a run around. When we got there it was really windy and cold. Caleb had fallen asleep in the car and was really Cranky when we stopped so we decided to keep driving back home via a park  nearby. When we got to the park however, it was absolutely packed with families and kids. There was no way they could've gotten on anything so we had to reassess what we were doing. Hubby needed to pop to work and suggested we swing past there and then go and look at some car garages as Caleb loves looking round at cars and we have been thinking of changing my car for a while. We went to the Kia garage as I have seen recent adverts for the new Sportage and really fancied a closer look. So, off we went. When we arrived all of us loved the new Kia but it was vastly more expensive than previous models, so we went for a look at some of the nearly new cars and there we spotted a Nissan Qashqai which is another car we had looked at recently. 
Within an hour we had signed up and its ours. Its identical to this model and I am super duper excited. Going to pick it up on Tuesday and trade my current car. This is where I am sad sad sad.

I love my Fiat Bravo. I bought it when just after Caleb was born and I have loved it. It's been a great runner with no problems at all. Its interior is so stylish as it is Italian after all and although the boot space is perfect for my prams its really not big enough inside for all of us and doesn't have great leg room for a growing family. So, it's bye bye bravie.
I have shed a few tears at the thought of parting with it but the time has come and I am excited to get a new car. Hopefully there will be no stopping me now with my confidence building driving.
Identical to my little runner.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Another Thank you to a Special Lady

This week I had another lovely surprise when I won a competition over at The Moiderer's blog. This is a truly lovely lady over there and it was a huge surprise to win as I'd forgotten all about it. I won £100 of tescos vouchers to spend at their Baby Event which is running all this week. 

Caleb and I went a bit wild when they came through and blew it all on things for him. Little monkey that he is fairly enjoys spending a bit of cash freely. He got lots and we are fully stocked up in nappies and wipes for the near future, clothes, toys and books too. 

some of the little misters new clothes
Funnily his favourite item is a hat that cost a pound that he spotted from miles away in store and he wont take it off now. 

It was such a lovely prize and we appreciated winning so much. Thank you so much again. 

Interflora and a Lovely Lady make my Day

Thanks to Interflora and the lovely Pippa over at A Mothers Ramblings, for the lovely flowers I received this week.

They arrived on Thursday after Pippa nominated me over on her blog to receive them.

I was having a particularly down day and they helped me a lot.

They're gorgeous and are now safely in a vase in my living room making me smile whenever I see them.

Thanks again Pippa (aka Brain. :o))

Love Pinkie.

Our Adventure

You will or will not know that I have had a lot of problems with my driving since a bad accident in 2005. gradually I have lost my confidence completely until I would only drive to very local areas.However, recently my husband has been making me drive more to further afield, but when I say making me I mean I've wanted to but normally wouldn't actually go through with it.

I've had a few practice days driving a little further each time and am now feeling a lot more confident. This week was  a bad week for me and I was feeling a little confined by my feeling and fears so on Friday I decided to take Caleb on an Adventure. We had been supposed to go and visit Gran and Papa in Aberfoyle on Wednesday which Caleb was really looking forward to but our plans fell through so on Friday i told him we would go on an Adventure to take his mind off it and he was so excited. Its not often we go anywhere other than for a walk locally together.

I packed up our stuff, we got in the car and off we set. I had no idea where but we just drove. At one point wondered about his first trip to the cinema but we missed the turnoff on the motor way and ended up travelling towards Glasgow.  So we decided that Silverburn shopping complex would be good fun and so that was the turnoff we took. Good plan it was too, we had great fun.

We went to build a bear and Caleb built himself a doggy, then for lunch to Frankie and Bennys, bought cupcakes and wandered round the shops.

Nom Nom Nom chicken.

When we got home we snuggled on the sofa with Doggy and watched some Cbeebies. Daddy and Sophie loved their cupcakes too. 

It was a great day and I enjoyed the drive. I'm hoping its the first of many days further a field. 

Great Day Out

Today we went to Eglington Park nearby and we had a lovely walk in the woods where Caleb found lots of sticks and enjoyed running around waving them and poking stuff with them.

Some of them were bigger than he is but he loved them. The weather was lovely and it meant we could just let him play as long as he wanted to and run wild which was lovely. We saw lots of doggies much to his enjoyment and there was a horse show on too which he loved watching.

We went to river and watched some doggies wading in for sticks and at one point Caleb attempted to jump in after them and when we stopped him lets just say he was disappointed. haha. So we got him moving and went to the park to play. He loved all the climbing frames, chutes and spinning cups. He made us spin him so much he was extremely dizzy and laughed himself silly.

He wasn't the littlest bit shy about playing like he usually is and made a few cute little buddies.

When it started to get a little chilly we enticed him out of the park with a packet of fruit flakes and a bottle of water.  We found a nice picnic area where there were adorable little birds around so we sat and watched them.
As we were sitting it started to rain a little so we headed back to the car and headed home for dinner. It was a lovely day and so great to get some fresh air. Good times.