Monday, 29 November 2010

My Babies Sunday Night Hospital Dash

Our Sunday night was a nightmare.

At around 6pm my husband went up to change Caleb's nappy before dinner and after 2 minutes he shouted me up. In his nappy was a lot of diluted blood and a small clot which had come out as he was wetting it. My first reaction was confusion then the thought that blood is never good. We hummed and hawed for a minute and then I said I would take him to the doctors on Monday morning when they opened. We came downstairs and I started to think about it more and more, so went on twitter and asked a few of the nurses on there and it seemed the general consensus was that with a little one it is always advisable to see someone sooner rather than later. I gave him some dinner and phoned Doctors on Call and got an appointment for around 8pm.  We wrapped up warm, packed a bag and headed off in the snow to the hospital.

When we arrived at the doctors a lovely Indian lady doctor who told us she had a little boy Caleb's age herself saw to him. Caleb thought she was great. She was very gentle and when trying to examine his tummy had him giggling a lot. It really put me at ease. After seeing the blood stained nappy and clot she sent us straight over to the pediatric ward at the hospital.  We went over and saw the lovely nurses who settled us in and put a bag on Caleb to collect a urine sample. He thought it was all great fun and let them do all their obs and entertained like the trooper he is. After an hour or so we managed to get his sample to them and they took it away to test and we were told we would have to wait for a doctor and as it was busy it may be some time. Caleb spent this time playing with cars on the big boys bed he was in and drawing on the bed table. He was an angel.

Around midnight a very nice lady doctor came and saw Caleb, she explained that his sample had a lot of blood, protein and leukocytes(excuse my spelling). She asked a lot of questions about his health and examined him again. She told us she thought it may be a Urinary Tract Infection but as Caleb is a boy and they are a lot harder to contract as a boy, and as he hadn't been ill at all it was all a bit strange. She decided she would have to consult her Registrar. Again we were left to sit for some time.

Around 2am a nurse came and told us the Registrar wanted another free flowing urine sample from Caleb and we would have to catch it in a cup they would give us. I felt impending doom at this but as I knew it was for his own good I got on with it. Then the games began of trying to chase a naked boy around the bed while trying to get him to drink and eat at gone 2am. What fun! Eventually at 3am we got one after he peed on the bed once and twice on me. Then they told us they were treating it as a UTI with antibiotics. His last sample was to be sent off to culture and see what grew and they would phone us on Wednesday with the results. If it shows he has a UTI and because there was no external reason for it, ie a virus or illness of any kind, they will be looking into the functioning of his kidneys through an x-ray and scan.

Today he's having more symptoms and seems a bit more uncomfortable when he's passing urine which is new but as always is still a soldier, but now we sit and wait for the results.

Tonight he's as cheeky as ever 
Thank you to everyone for their reassurance and advice while we were in hospital and since. It made it a lot more bearable having people to talk to.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Christmas Shopping

Its a comin people!!!!! Christmas that is. No matter how much we wish it would take a little longer its arriving quicker than I ever thought. The work I wanted done in the house is unlikely to be done in time for the tree going up, the hair appointment I meant to phone and make hasn't happened and so may not be done in time, the huge clean out and room move I wanted to do for the kids isn't likely to happen before and I certainly haven't managed to shift those few extra pounds, BUT I have finished my Christmas shopping. Yay me!!!!!

Yesterday we went to Glasgow and had a day trawling round the shops finishing all the kids shopping and managed, despite a grumpy 2 year old, to get it all done. The place was heaving and the Disney Shop was practically so full I couldn't move. I had to queue for an hour to pay and spent way more than I meant to but at least Caleb will get a 'Big Mack' truck from Disney Cars and a 'firedebubba as Caleb calls red the fire engine' from Cars too.

I had to restrain myself from buying every piece of Disney Cars stuff in the shop but Hubby had me well warned. I did manage to sneak in the cutest Mickey Mouse soft toy in his fab winter woolies for my new nephews Christmas too.

I dont even like Shopping but I loved the toy shopping yesterday and picked up some great clothes for Sophie and bits and bobs. I think the kids are going to be over the moon on Christmas Day and that makes it all so worth while.

Today I went online and finished my few little bits of shopping for the adults too so now I'm officially done with present shopping. Now I just have to try and tackle my list of things to get done and see if I can get at least a small amount done before the big event comes. HO HO HO Merry Christmas.

Monday, 22 November 2010

HE'S 2!!!!!!!!

Well, it's official. My angel turned 2 on Saturday. He's a big boy now. *sobbing*

My angel

Actually, it was a great day, regardless of all the work it entailed I really enjoyed it. 
We had all our families here. (including gorgeous brand new little nephew who was as good as gold) Caleb had a ball. He managed to stay up nap free until 6pm and then collapsed in an over excited heap. 

This is one tired boy. 

Everyone got on great and enjoyed the food and celebrations in good humour. My 5 year old Nephew Callum and Caleb had great fun with all the toys and ran wild. which was great fun to see, they shared everything really well. Although they had a squeeze at the cake before we got to light the candles there were no disasters. 

Bit squished

Sophie was a great help and a good laugh. Hubby and her were on call with drinks and unwrapping prezzies. 

His little face was a picture.

All in all it was a great day and my kids rock by the way. Happy Mummy. 

My Mummy and My boy

Is she really my child? 

My gorgeous sis and Bubs
New Garage

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Disney Cars Driving Me Nuts.

Disney Cars is to its credit one of the best Disney films of all time in my opinion. The graphics and scripts are second to none. I love it. Or should I say, 'loved' it. This was before Caleb made me watch it 4 times a day for months.

When we get out of bed in the morning it can be the first thing he says, 'want cars'. I have to try and distract him from thinking about it all the time. When we get downstairs it's almost impossible to distract him. I try everything and even put music on and say to him to come and dance. I try to get him to help with breakfast and let him potter around my feet but he generally whispers away 'want cars want cars'.

We've been stuck in a lot with the virus we've had and also the weather's been pretty hairy but I try to get him set up drawing or helping me, but still he's saying 'want cars want cars'. I'm demented.

Yesterday I managed to get away with having it on once over lunchtime, and then telling him it wasn't working for the rest of the day, but today it's been relentless.

We have the toys and a beanbag with Lightening McQueen on. Bless him he calls him 'stickers' his nickname in the film and he knows all the names of all the characters. His absolute favourite is Big Mac the truck which we don't have yet but maybe Santa might manage. (mines Mater but don't tell anyone I have a favourite.) Now Hubby's informed me that the sequel is due out in the summer of 2011. I'm not sure whether to be happy that I may be able to sway him away from watching the same one over and over again or whether to dread more months and months of freak out tantrums if I don't put Cars on.

Disney, I love you but you're cars are wearing this mumma down. :o)

This is not a sponsered post.

Before and After - My gallery post

This week in the wonderful Tara Cains Gallery over at sticky fingers, we were asked to do our before and after photos.

I apologise in advance for some of the picture qualitys as I don't have a scanner for the older ones.

Anyway here Are my kiddies, before and after.

Caleb 4 Months 2009
Caleb 6 Months

Caleb November 2010 Nearly age 2
Now for my girlie , this is a really long before and after.

Sophie age 9 months 1998
10 months
Sophie now age 13. 2010

Where does the time go with our kiddies?? It seems like yesterday Sophie was born never mind Caleb. He is 2 in 3 days time and that seems like I blinked and missed it. Enjoy every day with them.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Not Liking Today

Today sucked. Completely totally and utterly sucked, and not just because of this hideous virus I've had since last week.

I got up feeling like a zombie and staggered around getting worse by the minute. Hubby was here for a short while before he went to work so he offered to get wrapped up and take me for some fresh air and lunch to the harbour.

So I started to get the house organised and struggled through the haze of feeling awful. Meanwhile Hubby tried to get Caleb organised at which point the little chap started freaking out. It started soon after his first nappy change, then in the bath, then when trying to dress him, then when he got his jacket on, then shoes, then car, then in car, then when parked, then when car parked in front of us obscuring the view of the van at the other side of car park, then over lunch, then at the rocks, then walking back, then in the car again, then when driving away, then at his dummy, then coming home, then getting jacket off, then shoes, then having juice, and so it continued.

Hubby's response?? 'That child's a brat.' Nope dearest, that child's coming down with something, (and a bit of a brat sometimes).

Anyway the only time he stopped was when hubby read him a book this afternoon.

As for Caleb's health. Yes, he does indeed have my virus. Great!!

*deep breaths*

Wordless Wednesday

Was considering driving off.

Nuff said.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My Names Gerrard.

Hi there. My names Gerrard the Bear. I've been lucky enough to go for a week to go to in Ayrshire in Scotland to stay with Caleb and his family. He has a sister who's a bit girl and and Mummy and Daddy. His Mummy has said I can borrow the computer to write a summary of my time with them.

I arrived last Tuesday while everyone was still in bed so was lucky enough to get in for cuddles before everyone got up.

Caleb especially likes cuddles and so does his sister although being 13 she pretends not to. Mummy said that's because of hormones? Not sure what that means but sounds very serious. I hope not as I liked Sophie a lot. She wouldn't let Mummy take a photo of her with Caleb and I though cause it 'wouldn't be cool'? I think I'm pretty cool and so did everyone else. Bloomin hormones.

Anyway, back to my adventure. I'm prone to getting sidetracked so please excuse me if I do.

Last week the weather here in Scotland was all yukky so we didn't get out much so Mummy Daddy and the tiddlers tried to make up for it in my last few days holiday and took me out a lot.

 Whenever we went out I got to sit in the back of the car with Caleb and Mummy always remembered to strap me in. Safety First!

Caleb's daddy is a policeman so we got to go and see the big broom broom vans and cars at the police station. That was fun and we met some Policemen and I got a cuddle. This was probably my favourite day as what boy bear doesn't love a fun police car. 

We also went to the beach and had a walk. I kept running off to sit in the sand but Mummy said it was too cold for that just now and that I had to stay all cosy with them. 

I really liked it though as it was super windy and fun. Mummy says maybe I should try windsurfing one day if I like the windy beach so much. This is where lots of people try windsurfing It looks fun.

During our walk we went past a golf course and Mummy says that sometimes the Scottish Golf open is held here. I wasn't sure what that is but it sounded very grand. 

Sometimes I got to hang out with Mummy and Daddy on my own when the tiddlers were asleep and I got a diet coke. Mummy said I could only have a little as she didn't want me up all night. We watched a funny film too that I liked and saw fireworks that night. Fun!
Caleb sang all the way there. It was a giggle. 
We went to visit Caleb's Gran one day. Daddy said we had to and we had a nice time. We got lots of goodies to eat and Caleb even shared his crisps with gran and I. 

This day we went to see the view of the Isle of Arran from the top of a big hill with lots of sheep on. It was lovely but very cloudy and cold. We didn't stay long in case I caught a cold. I loved my fur blowing around outside. It made Caleb giggle a lot. 

All in all I had a lovely visit in Ayrshire. I only wish I could've stayed longer and I was very sad when Caleb got upset when I climbed into my parcel to go onto the next family. I hope he's ok now. I'm sure he will be. Mummy gave him a huge hug and one for me too so I didn't feel left out. 

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Poor Babies Teeth

Calebs a little pet the last two days. His back teeth are seriously giving him jip. He woke up this morning with blood all over his mouth and bed sheets, which I've never seen before from a teething toddler. Have you?

He's so super clingy and wont let me do anything at all. I've tried all the normal medicines and herbal remedies and nothings helping. I've given him lots of cold things to chew on and even resorted back to old teething rings in the freezer too. Poor baba.

His bottoms red and has spots on that burst and weep.

I remember this with Sophie now. I'd forgotten how bad these manky molars can be for them. He sleeps through at night alright but he's very unsettled and crying/ whining in his sleep.

I've also got a 13 year old teenie in pain too after her braces were tightened yesterday. Her poor teeth are being pulled so far that they're loose and bleeding now. Her front two big teeth are so loose they shoogle around. The dentist claims this is normal but it's worrying her and me. I hope it is normal and that my little girl doesn't loose teeth during this straightening after going through all this.

My poor Babies

Poor Gerrards miserable two days.

As I said in a previous post, s lovely bear Gerrard is staying with us for a few days but what a miserable first two days it's been. We've had awful Gales and Driving Rain so haven't made it out much other than for a walk where we didn't take him in case he got soaked. Boo Hiss poor Gerrard. Although, I think he's enjoyed just hanging out with Caleb and watching TV, reading and eating alot. Boy, can that bear eat.

Hanging out watching MTV in their jammies
Teaching him how to wrestle


Phew time for juice

Sharing Risotto and playing iPod together.
Hopefully over the next couple of days we'll manage out more and maybe even get to visit Calebs new cousin.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Nutella Fest on Halloween.

Well that's Halloween over with and the kids are settled down again after all the excitement.

We went up to my sisters house on the night of Halloween and 5 year old nephew was out trick or treating with his dad. We hung out and met all the kids who came  tot he door dressed up. Caleb had a ball with a remote control car and balloon.

sweetest little skeleton. 

playing with big sister the cat.

Auntie and Uncle watching the fun

He was exhausted as it was after 8 oclock when we started getting juice and snacks for the kids when his cousin came back in but he was still a cute little skeleton.

Granny brought a jar of Nutella for before bed snacks which we brought home with us so yesterday morning Caleb had to try some and he loved it. Nutella on toast is now his big favourite. (yes I let my kids have chocolate spread for breakfast so sue me)I think you can maybe see that from these pictures.
whatcha looking at?


Give me more woman!!!!!
He Cracks me up. All in all he had a great Halloween I would say.