Monday, 20 December 2010

We saw SANTAAAAAAAAAAA and He Rocked.

Today we took Caleb to meet Santa at a Garden Centre nearby. We packed up and set off tentatively as we weren't too sure how he would feel about a big man with a beard dressed all in red. It can be quite intimidating for littlies I always think and have stood in line over the years with Sophie watching people removing their hysterical kiddies from the grotto.

We chose to go today as most schools around here don't break up until Wednesday and so we thought it would be nice and quiet. No wrestling a tired fed up toddler in a long queue.

We arrived and bought our ticket and went to the grotto. There was one family already in and then us so we let Caleb wander around the winter wonderland they had created. It was small but very cute and he loved it. He was agog. Unfortunately we discovered at this point that our camera wasn't working so all photos were taken on our phones which meant the quality wasn't so good. Big disappointment on his first visit for us.

We only waited ten minutes then the elf came and let us in. He was great and when we got in the Santa was so fantastic. Lovely warm friendly jolly man and Caleb although a little bit thrown by it all was very good and Santa told us sit at the door with the little one until he got used to him, which we thought was great. He spoke directly to Caleb even though we had to answer for him and within minutes he started to move nearer Santa until he was sitting on a little seat next to him.

Still Santa kept a distance and chatted to him and opened a present for him which was a cuddly sheep which Caleb is holding here. He loved it. Then they started chatting about Cars and Santa showed him a truck in his toy stash.  Caleb was moving in closer and Santa started chatting about his sleigh and how it didn't drive like a truck it flew pulled by reindeer.

Next thing we know Caleb's up on Santa's knee chatting away.  They even stopped to pose for a photo.

They had a lovely wee chat and we were in there for ages. Santa was so taken with Caleb he ended up asking what his favourite truck was and when we told him Caleb loves Fire engines he found one and gave him that as well as his little gift.

It was such a lovely experience and memory. I think Daddy and I enjoyed it as much as Caleb did.


Sunday, 19 December 2010

Silent Sunday

Christmas Drama with the In Laws

Why is it every Christmas and families turn into raging loons??

It would seem that all over the world relationships are rocked by the dreaded decision of where to spend Christmas and who with??? Marriages suffer and children's Christmas's spent amongst warring families. Why???? I just  don't get it! As far as I was brought up, families all get together for Christmas whenever possible.

My papa's Birthday was on Christmas day and he had been a widower for a very long time long before his girls had children of their own so we always spent it with him and whenever possible with my Dads family too. My Gran was widowed too but she had her other son's family nearby so every other year went there. When we had both grandparents there I loved it as a child and even better if all Aunties Uncles and cousins were around too and we maybe got to go to a hotel other something similar. It was fantastic fun. I never remember my parents arguing about who went where or there being any hard feelings at all. My Gran and Papa got on very well and there was absolutely no jealousy or competition between them. I was so unbelievably close to my papa my Gran would have been very entitled to be a bit envious too but she was always very very happy to be with us all at any occasion.

So why oh why do so many people, including myself and my children, have their family special occasions spoiled by bloodymindedness and jealous carry on from Grandparents? My parents obviously brought us up with a very easy going holidays so are happy to go along with whatever we want to do but not my In-Laws!! They don't want to share any occasions with my family whatsoever. They want to separate us from my family and wont go to my parents for any special family events as they are insanely jealous that the kids spend any time there during the year and can't watch how settled and happy the kids are there. They aren't shy about telling my Husband about it either. I have always been very very close to my parents and they were amazing when I was a single parent helping me raise my Daughter whilst suffering from post natal depression. They've helped us out financially and are always there for my husband too for support but even after all that his parents make it very clear they would like that relationship to be less and that their grandchild should be closer to them than my parents as my parents have had their grandchild??? It's insane.

This should be the happy Christmas Image. Its how I remember mine. 

Anyway this year I arranged Christmas dinner at the local hotel where we had our wedding and just gave out an open invitation to all the family. As usual the in-laws wont come though and are now kicking off that we wont see them on Christmas Day.

Its all completely nuts if you ask me. I'm fed up arguing every holiday with my husband over their attitude. I love my husband to death but I am not going to put up with our situation forever with his parents. How do people live like this, in battle, forever.

Big Girl, Big Dance

My big girl had her school Christmas Dance this week. The preparation for this used to consist of curling her hair and letting her put on a tiny bit of my lip gloss. Not this year.

This year I had to, cut her hair, apply her fake tan, blow dry her hair, straighten it and help her de-fuzz. I know, I know she's only 13 but after seeing the photos of her friends, I reckon I got off lightly. Some of them had been for full head hair extensions, spray tans and acrylic nails. That shocks me. I'm obviously one of the stricter mums, but hey I thought me big (wee) girl (baby) looked lovely if not a little old and tall for me not to shed a tear.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas Cards.

I hate Christmas Cards. I hate them cluttering up my house for a month and collecting dust. I don't like them hanging on my walls either. After a week they always look tired and tatty. I hate sending them. I hate writing them and the cost of their purchase and postage. I hate that every year you get more and more and lots from people you never see and are unlikely to see again. I think Christmas cards suck!!!!! Bah Humbug. 

Having said that, *clears throat*, I do love sending out photo cards of my kiddies dressed in embarrassing clothes. The last two years we have dressed them up, taken the photos and ordered photo cards to send to close friends and family instead of the bog standard shop bought ones. Then, due to the price of doing it that way, I limit it to just 20 cards. That may seem a bit stingy but I just don't see the point of huge quantities of cards being sent to people who probably recognise the names on them but can't quite remember who we are.

Christmas 2009

Lots of Cutie pie smiles last year

Last years photo session was a huge sucess and the kids were great in their santa suits. This year wasn't as sucessful and we had a lot of photos of Caleb struggling to escape and looking at Daddy who was behind me waving Haribos around. 

Christmas 2010. 'Where's my sweeties'
So this year the photo cards were thrown together from a mixture of actions shots and eyes everywhere shots but we had great fun with them and the kids were having a good laugh. Isn't that was Christmas is all about in the end??

So what to do with the Christmas cards we get? Well the Christmas cards I receive I don't put up.We have a lovely little basket that sits beside our tree and holds all the cards. I leave them there for the kids to look through and once Christmas Day is over I will be letting them make Christmas Card Collages with the pictures with glue and scissors. See I'm not so bah humbug after all I'm just not a big fan of Christmas Cards the old fashioned way is all

'Let me down'
 'Ok. I'm off'

Monday, 6 December 2010

We Love 'Wow'

We had a lovely surprise last week when the postman came. It was a fabulous birthday present for Caleb from the lovely people at 'Wow' toys. We did some reviews for them before and they thought it would be a nice idea to send a prezzie for Caleb. It was a Ronnie Rocket and his little face was a picture when he opened it.

Unfortunately it arrived the day of our hospital dash so he didn't get much time to play with it but he made up for it the rest of the week.

Thank you so much Wow Toys and especially Tanya for your lovely email about Caleb's health.

Our Snowy Day at Grannies

Today we woke up to the most glorious coloured sky and sunshine. Hubby was nightshift last night and didn't come home until after 9am so he fed and dressed Caleb while I managed a peaceful shower. When Hubby went to his bed I decided to pop up and see my Mum and Dad as I'd mentioned to Mum I may go to the wool shop in the next town and get wool and a pattern for a cardigan for Caleb. So around half past ten and in a torrential downpour we packed up and went the 2 miles to my parents house. When we arrived I said to her once the rain eased we could head off if she liked so we settled down with a cup of tea, Caleb watching Cars and Dad even came through from his office and had a chat and played with the wee chap.

We sat for around an hour waiting for the rain to ease. It seemed to just go on and on forever and was really throwing it down so we made another cuppa and some lunch. At around midday we looked out and saw huge massive gigantic snowflakes. We never get snow like that here at this side of the coast. We all said, 'oh it wont last'. It went on all day.

This was taken ten minutes into the snow. 

I am the biggest scaredy when driving in even a flurry of snow so I started to panic a little bit around 3pm. Dad volunteered to run us home in my car later and my Mum would follow us down and pick him up then head for their shopping.  Relief. I relaxed a bit then and Caleb had great fun playing with Grannie and raiding the sweetie drawer. He was a wee star all day and loved standing at their windows watching the blizzard. He's great.

He loves sitting on Grannies worktops and watching out the windows and playing. 

Had a lovely day out and really am staying in now until the snow clears. Phew.

Papa was out clearing the drive so he was more interested watching than counting fingers.