Sunday, 30 January 2011

Teenage Problems Escalate

Do you know, I'm so tired tonight of the girls antics last night that I can't even stand to put it all down on here. All I can say is for the first time ever my 13 year old child came home absolutely paralytic and violently sick after drinking more than one bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 to herself.

I am disgusted appalled and can't believe she's so determined to rebel.

I can't bear to put the whole sordid thing down on here but basically she will NOT be back out at all for the long term. School and home. No other activities at all including her school hockey and if she needs to be treated like an infant then that's what will happen.

We are all incredibly upset and worried about her and I'm exhausted after lying awake all night worried my child would vomit and choke in her sleep or fall unconscious.

Silent Sunday - Boys and Flowers

Silent Sunday

Friday, 28 January 2011

Caleb's Accident.

On Tuesday we took Caleb to softplay near us. I'm not keen on the places at the best of times but we sometimes go as it's one of the only times Caleb is around other kids and during school hours it can be nice and quiet.
Ball Pit fun. 
We got there and he went straight to the ball pit and played there for over an hour. After a while he was thirsty and hungry so he came over for some juice and sat up for a while with us while we had a coffee. It was at the table he spotted the ride ons. They have  very cool train and tractor ride ons near the toilet entrance and he wanted a shot. Daddy took him over and gave him 3 goes. They were having a rare old giggle and Caleb was so happy. I sat and watched and snapped away at how much fun he was having but said to my hubby to be careful as they were awful high up and to keep an eye on Caleb as he's very small for them.

having such fun with daddy. 

After a while we decided to order some lunch and let him have more time to play. Hubby went to order it and I stayed with Caleb on the tractor ride on. I stood right at his side the whole time. He seemed very happy on it and confident. As its right next to the toilet door there's a lot of kids running in and out so I swapped to the other side to stand next to him and 30 seconds later he literally just slid right off the seat sideways to the toilet door side. I reached out to grab him  but he was gone and face first onto the floor which is stone thinly covered with a carpet. I was round and on him in a split second but not quick enough to stop the bump. It instantly came up in a huge golf ball sized lump above his eyebrow. I ran and told hubby to cancel lunch and we had to get Caleb to a doctor to get checked out. I was holding him and he was screaming. It was awful.

I'm not great with bumps, blood and all that stuff and felt my stomach going and realised I had to get out of there. I was taken outside by one of the helpers with a sick bowl and water. Not my best mummy moment but I didn't want to upset Caleb any more. I quickly pulled myself together and we set off to the doctors. As soon as we got going in the car he fell asleep and I knew that's not good so Hubby went into the back seat and sat with him and tried to keep him awake with no success.

We arrived at the GP with an out cold toddler and trying to keep him awake. The doctor came out straight away and checked him over and said he thought he was fine just tired from the trauma and to go home and have lots of cuddles.

He's fine now and the proud owner of a weird shaped forehead but no lasting effects. He keeps asking to go back to the tractor. Heaven knows when I'll be ready for that.

The rather large brow line. 

The Hair

Ok so I have once cut Caleb's hair before when it was more than a trim and I hated it. Its been growing since last May and I swore I wouldn't touch it again. The yesterday it got to the stage where I couldn't do anything with it at all. It was driving me nuts so at lunchtime I decided to trim it up. Very soon into said trim it rapidly got shorter and shorter. Half way through I just thought stuff it and lopped the whole lot off. I'm a great believer in a change being as good as a rest, but this is a change I'm not keen on. I miss his curls. Admittedly he does look cute but it would've been nice to keep his baby curls a bit longer.

Before his haircut

So now I'm growing it again. Maybe not as unkempt as before but some curls back would be nice.


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Silent Sunday - Its a Cat's Life.

Silent Sunday

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Mother Nature -The Gallery

My post this week for 'The Gallery' features two differing views of the same place at two different times of the year. They're taken at the beach where I live and spend a lot of time. I love the water and find it the most healing place to be sometimes. 

 I love these photos as it shows how the sea is so different depending on the weather. It's one of mother natures most powerful forces and I think this first photo shows this in all its glory and power. It was taken mid December on a particularly windy day. I think this is it at its most beautiful but that's just my opinion. I love nothing more on a blustery winters day than standing on the Prom being buffeted by Mother Natures power. The kids are huge fans too and we love playing and being showered with the spray over the wall. 

I love how this second view of the same beach taken in mid summer shows that the sea with all its power can be such a tranquil and peaceful force too. Sometimes in the Summertime we go early in the morning before anyone arrives and just play in the fresh sand and paddle in the warm sea.   It's no wonder so many people love the seaside in summer is it?

The Gallery: Every Wednesday

Cybermummy Sponsorship Oppurtunity

'CyberMummy is the UK’s premier blogging conference devoted to parent bloggers and designed to plug you into the wider blogging world. '

I am looking for a lovely sponsor to help me out with attending this years Cybermummy Conference in London on 25th June 2011 at The Brewery.

I feel it will be a great oppurtunity for me to gain some more insight and experience into the world of the web and using my Blog to its best advantage. I was unable to attend last year and after hearing much excitement and information after last years event and how it helped people I am desperate to attend this year. However, to do this I am looking for sponsorship for help with the costs.

These are as follows.

Cybermummy 2011 ticket - £100
Accomodation £180 - 2 nights as travelling from Glasgow to London.
Travel - £120

In return for sponsorship I would be offering the following.

A banner/badge or text link on my Blog sidebar to your company for the period of one year.
A badge or t-shirt (tasteful please) advertising your company to be worn by me  at Cybermummy.
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A Blog Post dedicated to my sponsor after the event.
Exposure within  the blogging  community with every Blog post regarding Cybermummy linking back to your company.
Reviews of any products on my blog supplied by your company

I am also more than happy to hand out brochures/leaflets/business cards supplied by you and your company during the event.

If this is something you would be interested in please email me at

I look forward to hearing from potential sponsors.

Kind Regards


Sunday, 16 January 2011

New Use of a Bean Bag by Caleb - Shhhhh Silent Sunday.

Silent Sunday

The Virus Update.

Well, it's now exactly 2 weeks today since I took this nasty Flu and Chest Infection and Calebs on day 18. We are both so much better its amazing.

Yesterday we started feeling a bit more like our old selves and apart from still being a bit achy/ over tired sometimes and a horrid cough I'm starting to manage out and about a bit more. Most importantly Sophie gets to come home today.

My Mums bringing her home at tea time and I have her favourite Chicken Korma in the oven cooking for her. I can't wait to see her but am sure she'll be driving me nuts shortly again but I still can't wait to get back to normal.

Thank heavens for twitter and my Blog this last two weeks or I'd have lost the plot. Thanks for all looking after me.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Redocorating Nightmare. HELP!!!

OK so before Christmas and all our dramas and illness we decided to redecorate our house, revamp bathroom and move the bedrooms round. Then because we were all ill and all over the place although we had the money in place to do the majority of the work in one go we never quite got round to it. This week when I've been laid up with flu I've taken to scouring the net, brochures and magazines for ideas, and quite frankly, I'm no further forward.

I have chosen and purchased all the bedroom blinds, a toilet seat and bathroom cabinet. That's it!

I have a fair idea of what I want for the bedrooms but no vision for the hall whatsoever. We have a papered feature wall just now which we paid a decorator to do the week before Caleb was born and it was a total botch job. We've lived with it as long as we can. I have this idea in my head of brightening it all up. It's very dark Damson right now and I don't like it at all. I have searched and searched for a paper I like and have come up with nothing. Not a jot. I refuse to pay extortionate rates for any of the stuff we buy either as I want to do so much on a budget but if the price was right and it was cute great. Nothing jumps out at me at all. Its the first time ever on decor that I've drawn a total blank on something. I've decorated every house I've ever had and always known exactly what I wanted.

My Vision. 
Next problem, the bathroom. We have a plain white bathroom suite but this horrid wet room liner on the walls that we have wanted to do something with for ages and again, never had time or money. So I have been trawling the net and DIY shops for tiles. I want big, slate coloured wall and floor tiles and chrome fittings. The fixtures and fittings I have chosen and know what I want but I have no clue where to get tiles. I feel like everything I see for slate tones is vastly more expensive than any other tiles. I don't want solid slate just slate effect tiles. Its driving me nuts. The firm who're doing the work are coming on Tuesday to measure up and see what works entailed and I feel like I'm floundering with this all. You'd think it'd be perfectly simple to find a grey slate wall and floor tile that doesn't cost £30+ a square meter.

I'm starting to feel like I will never get anything started with any of this.


Monday, 10 January 2011

My 2010 in pictures.

This last year I have found a bit of a challenge if I'm honest. I've battled recovery from my second round of Post Natal Depression, gotten through a blip with my eating , tried and failed to conceive and tried to be the best I can be at being a mum and wife. I've not always been successful but I've given everything I've done my best shot.

I want to concentrate in 2011 on being more motivated and testing myself. I can easily slip into being introverted and cut myself off from others around me and this year I want to take that in hand and try and do more things that challenge that tendency.

Anyway, here's a quick summary of 2010 in some of my favourite pictures.

we started 2010 happy. 
A seriously bad bought of Noro virus struck
Caleb was very ill indeed

Caleb got his first shoes
We had proper snow in February. First time I've seen here in 17 years.
Caleb had his first trip to the farm park and great fun on trampoline

Monkeys were a hit
After much worry and strife over his eating Caleb eventually took solids in march age 16 months
I started my first ever garden project and gutted it. Not finished but looking forward to finishing this year.

We had a few lovely weeks of sun which meant trips to the beach with Caleb who loved it. 
Caleb had his first ever hospital dash and this is him the next day. Thankfully all ok now.
Sophie cut a dash as a cat for Halloween
Caleb met Santa for the first time ever and quite frankly thought he rocked.
CCIF's Gerrard came to stay
Caleb turned 2 and had his first proper party which was fab.

He plucked up the courage to play on the chute all by himself
Sophie and Caleb got another cousin thanks to my sister and her hubby in November.

All in all it's been some year.

I am optimistic for this year and hope everyone has a happy and healthy one.

Happy belated New Year everyone.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Schools Resposibility or all about the Parents??

I've blogged before about Sophie's behaviour and how she's driving me nuts with the whole Teenage Angst. Before the Christmas holidays it all came to a bit of a head.  I found out on Facebook that she hadn't been attending school in the last week. I know this isn't wholly unusual with teenage kids and the schools tend to turn a bit of a blind eye to it, but I'm a bit old school with it and think that if the finish date is set the kids should attend until that date. So finding out she hadn't been attending and telling me she was I was understandably angry. I decided to tackle her there and then about it.

I phoned her on the last day of school and told her I knew she hadn't been going an she better be there now. I phoned the school to make sure she was and told them I would be contacting her guidance teacher after the Christmas holiday to ask why for 5 days my child had been signing in at registration every day then not attending classes and why the school hadn't brought this to my attention? I think the school have to take some of the responsibility of that. I send my child to school every day believing her to be safely there, and since the school has a phone before 9.30am if your child is sick policy, why are they not alerting parents to the fact your child isn't there so parents can track them down. In this instance it turned out my 13 year old girl had jumped on a train to another town and was wandering around there with friends all day. It's not somewhere she would be allowed to go at the best of times, so I was obviously very angry.

When she came home on the last day, I sat down with her to have a long chat about why she has to be where I think she is at all times ,why she had done the wrong thing and her punishment. Nothing we had done previously had seemed to stop subsequent bad behaviours so I decided it was crunch time. Mobile Phone confiscated for the foreseeable future, no sky tv in her room, grounded, all social networking contact cut and her grandparents who fund a lot of her treats and fun in life informed of her recent bad behaviour and asked to state their disappointment. She was also informed that all contact with the friends she seems to get into the most trouble with is to be cut whether convenient or not. If she can't be trusted to behave with these people then she better reassess her friendships. This all may seem harsh but we have been through the mill the last few months with her behaviour, drinking, smoking and general bad behaviour and as far as I'm concerned it IS NOT ok and will not be accepting it in any way any more.

During the conversation she seemed to open up a bit, something she hasn't done when we have pussy footed around about punishment or behaviour as she seemed to realise I was serious this time and it turns out she is in big trouble work wise at school. She had failed all her assessment tests for the next terms class placements and would be being moved down from the top classes in all her subjects to some of the lowest classes. Her school holds one parents night a year in March and since her one last year where we were told how wonderful and how she was in the top ten of her year, she has slipped to marks of 25% and below. How were we not alerted to this????? The test results came in November and she hadn't obviously told us how bad the marks were so how were we to know? We helped her study and over saw plenty of homework and extra tuition so why weren't we informed that my daughter was in so much trouble? Whether it is lack of work or that she doesn't understand the work is irrelevant when they tell me but they SHOULD tell me. She says she hasn't been understanding the work for months and hasn't known how to tell us as she knew we would be upset. I explained I would never be upset but definitely would be concerned and completely pro active about it.

 I have a phone appointment with her guidance teacher this Wednesday and shall be having a stern word or two about this matter. I shall be asking if the school can offer any help whether in school or contacts of private tutors. If not I shall be going down every private route to help my girl catch up to where she was. She has to pick her standard grade subjects for 3rd year in March and I'm disgusted that all the subjects she was so confident in and enjoying are now a terrible worry for her.

I know we have to get this sorted for her but really think in issues of attendance and work the school has to accept some of the responsibility and work with the parents.

Teenagers and Hobbies

Sophie has had a hobby since she was 3 years old. She started a local dance academy when at pre school and loved it straight away, and was very good at it. For the last 10 years her grandparents and I have funded all her classes, shows and exams at great expense and none of us minded one bit, even when things were tight, as she genuinely was wonderful at it and loved going. The academy she attended was affiliated with the Royal Academy of Dance and every exam she passed is a recognised qualification on most University/college applications. She has studied and received qualifications in ballet, jazz, tap, modern and character dance. From the age of 5 she always said she intended to go to drama school and carry on with her dancing too. She recently sat her Grade 5 exams and passed them all with Merit. We all attended her Christmas show in December which had all the kids performing from all ages at the school  including the drama club and we all loved it. Especially Caleb who danced and clapped throughout the whole show. It's taken very seriously there and was bordering on West End professional. Wonderful. Sophie was amazing and we were all chuffed to bits with her achievements. She's gone from one of the little ones floundering around and copying the teacher in the wings to one of the graceful independent dancers. She glowed and it really brought a tear to my eye. 

Yesterday she informed us that she will not be going back on Wednesday and is finished with dancing. I am gutted. 

I'm a great believer that a hobby that they are interested in and that gives them a sense of achievement is particularly important in their teen years. I think too many kids have no interests other that hanging around with their friends and a lot of the time getting themselves into trouble of one sort or another. My other problem being though that it has to be something they enjoy and want to take the time to attend and put their all into and after speaking to Sophie I now know that will not be the case if I forced her to go back. 

I've told her that she will have to find something else she would like to do hobby wise but I can see that my days of watching my girl dance and being proud as punch over her dancing achievements are over and I am truly gutted. I hope she will change her mind but I'm more than sure she's thought long and hard about it after speaking about it at length and its not to be. 

Friday, 7 January 2011

Flu Jag Fail

I posted last week that little Caleb was very ill and about having to dash to the doctors with him. Well the inevitable has happened and now I have it too.

We had another trip to the GP yesterday and he confirmed it as Flu and a Chest Infection thrown in for good measure. It sux. The irony is I've had the seasonal Flu Jag that I always get as I am asthmatic but yet still have flu. In my book that's a huge FAIL for the flu jag.

The GP explained that the jag only protects you against 3 strains of seasonal flu and swine flu and they have seen a huge number of people this year with a different strain. Again, huge FAIL!!!

So why bother you may ask?? Well, I guess this year I've been unlucky. I haven't had seasonal Flu since starting to get a vaccine 6 years ago so I suppose I've been due a dose. This one is particularly nasty this year with nausea, aching bones and joints. Even my jaw and teeth hurt. I have zero energy and with a sick 2 year old to cope with it is not fun.

I hope it goes soon as after a full week of this 'dear god' I have had enough.

The' Ju Ju be' Stroller Clip

The JU JU BE stroller clips.

This is a sponsored post.

Who out there has to throw the strap of their Nappy Change Bag over the handle of their pram/ stroller? I have up until now and when Caleb is backwards facing in his maxi cosi the bag always bumped his legs as the strap worked its way down the handle while we are out. Not any more. I was luck enough to be sent the 'Ju Ju Be' stroller clips to try out recently and its all changed.

They're cute with diamante on the clip and very handy, easy to use and definitely stop your change bag from bumping around on babies legs and sliding way down the handle and into the way of the wheels of your pram.

They're easy to connect to the handle and easy to clip onto the handle rings on most change bags.

We tried it on our Maxi Cosi Mura 3 and they were great.

I also found that instead of taking the bag on and off the clips it was easier to disconnect them from the pram and leave on the bag.

I'm sure they would also be strong enough to carry the odd shopping bag on.

I had a look on the Ju Ju Be website and some of their bags are super cute for all you expectant mums and super handy with the clips. Grab a quick look over at Some of their stuff looks so cute.

As buggy clips go, I think these are up there with the best on the market. Well done Ju Ju Be.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Versatile Blogger

The Versatile Blogger

I got tagged by the lovely laura from the blog 

  • the versatile blogger.

So here are the Rules! 

The “Rules”:
1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award- Lovely Laura

or @TheMummyLife if you follow on twitter.

2. Share 7 things about yourself

1. I have an NHC in Hopsitality Management. 
2. I trained as a chef for a year

3. I have endemetriosis but 2 children anyway.

4. I've lived in Glasgow, Edingburgh, Paris, London before I lived here.

5. My daughter has 3 half sisters.

6. I am a qualified hairdresser and nail tech. 

7. I am a crazy Chelsea FC supporter (sorry all)

3. Pass it along to blogs you’ve recently discovered and enjoy.

My first is @Melaina25 's as she is
 someone I know in real life and is a fabulous blogger/writer who rocks

My second is @The_Moiderer at Shes a wonderful
friend and mother.

My third is @Chellekip at as she is a lovely girl 
with a very varied blog. 
4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award


10 Questions

1. Why did you create this blog?

Mostly I started to blog instead of talking to myself. Now I write

down my worries or happy moments with my family to get it off my
chest and sometimes beg for advice. 

2. What kind of blog do you follow?

I love mummy blogs for advice and tips but also I love ones with food
and humour and all the good bits of life in.

3. Favorite Makeup Brand

Mostly Rimmel.

4. Favorite Clothing Brand

Joe Browns rocks as does Next

5. Your Indispensable Makeup Product

Blimey am I allowed two? lol! Mascara and bronzer is all I wear mostly day

to day. 

6. Your Favourite Colou


7. Your Favourite Perfume

I'm allergic :o(

8. Your Favourite Film

Breakfast at Tiffanys

9. What country would you like to visit and why?

America. I know folks there and it sounds amazing. Food looks like the best

reason ever though. BBQ!!!!!!!!

10. Are you a Cat or Dog person?

Both but I'm not in a position to have a dog right now so I 
have 2 cats. Ones 17 and called Misti and the other is 7 called Honey. 

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

I'll Always Have Paris

I've done my first guest post ever over at the the lovely 's blog on my time in Paris pre kiddies. Hop over and check it out.

Monday, 3 January 2011

More Snow, bring it on.

What a winter it's been hasn't it? 

I think we have had more snow by the sea here than I've ever seen before and to be honest because it's a novelty we really enjoyed it. Unfortunately it rained through the night on Christmas Eve so we didn't get a white Christmas Day.

On Christmas Eve Caleb and I went for a walk though and we loved the snow. Here's a couple of our photos from our walk. He was having a ball. 

Really wrapped up

Snow on the golf course

Doctors Dash

Poor little Caleb has been very ill this week with flu, hence combined with Christmas and problems at home I haven't had a lot of  time for blogging. 

On Thursday of last week he started to take a bit of a sniffle and as my Husband was sick with flu we assumed he'd get the same symptoms as him, cold like and achy with a bit of a temp, and he seemed not too unwell in the morning. Come Thursday afternoon he started to look worse and by 2pm I couldn't keep him awake. I checked his temperature and it was 39.2and I couldn't get him to come round at all. I put him in his cot and called the Doctors. They said to bring him down straight away. I was shaking and terrified as despite having very high temps before I've never not been able to wake him. 

I woke Hubby who was in bed with his flu and said he would have to drive us to the Doctors as I couldn't strap Caleb in unconscious so I sat in the back with him on my lap. As we drove the mile to the surgery he started to come round a bit and started talking to me. By the time we got to the doctors he was a bit more lucid. The doctor checked him over and said she was pretty confident it was flu and its just the usual treatments they were advising of Calpol for his temp and plenty of fluid but if he got any worse to take him to the hospital straight away. 

We got him home and tucked him up on the Sofa. I think it took me 2 hours to stop shaking.

Mummys poor baby

Taking his own Temperature before bed. 

It's been a rough few days and made worse by me coming down with it on Saturday too. 

Our Christmas Day in pictures by Us

This is a selection of our photos from Christmas Day taken on hubbys phone. Our Camera is broken so wasn't as easy to get a lot. That's my next purchase. Mum got a fabulous new Camera from Dad for Christmas and we took a lot on hers but unfortunately that may take until next year for her to upload them since she's never even used a laptop.