Friday, 30 April 2010

Car Seat Quandry

I still use both Calebs travel system carry car seats occasionally. He has a maxi cosi fixed seat in the car too but I find the carry car seats so handy sometimes.
Hes 17 months and 22lbs but he loves snuggling down in them for a sleep. This concorde travel system is especially handy and very cosy to sleep in. Today we popped to my mums and as he was sleepy when I left the house I put him in this seat in the car and put the pram in the boot. As expected he fell asleep in the car on the way home, so when we arrived I attached the seat to the pram and put him in the back garden for an afternoon nap. He was cosy and happy in there.

I sometimes wonder if theres a reason why the advise on the seats is up to 15 months as this seats weight maximum is 27lb which he is no where near. I wonder if these guidelines are rough or whether theres a reason they attach them to these seats??? Im starting to worry how much longer he'll be able to use them.

We also have a maxi cosi mura travel system and sometimes i take him shopping in it so he can sleep on the journey and just transfer to the wheels for the shopping.

Does anyone else still do this at this age or am I mad??

Friday Sickness :o(

It has become somewhat of a phenomenon in this household, the Friday night sickness. These photos were all taken on Fridays over the last few months of Caleb> He always takes a virus or a bug on a Friday which hinders our whole weekend. Take the noro virus escapade for instance. We'd all had it and thought he'd avoided catching it. Four days after we were all clear he took it and was up all night throwing up as you see here with daddy.
This week I've had a horrid cold and chest infection which he's managed to avoid and this afternoon he's started coughing which means the weekends probably going to be a washout again.
Why is it that kids are always ill and not only that but so are their parents? Sophie generally keeps very well so doesnt bring stuff home from school to us. Caleb doesnt attend andy toddler groups etc, so where he picks it up I'll never know. He must just be a virus magnet. Lucky for me!!! It also means I dont get to spend as much time with my mum as I'd like as she has a problem with her lungs and high blood pressure and the doctors advised her to avoid chest colds and flus as much as is possible. We try to stay away but it means sometimes I dont see her or my dad for weeks at a time.
Im hoping the summer this year will be a good one and we'll be well again for a few months.

Thursday, 29 April 2010


This week I've taken Caleb swimming for the first time in ages. Hes previously been twice in his life due to my body image problems, so this week I decided to take him and make a regular thing of it. Hes loving it. He tries to kick his legs and splashes non stop. I bought him a floatie seat and he spends half the time in there while I swim him up and down the pool and the other half i take him out and we play.

I love that at that age they seem to have no fear of the water and as I didnt do it with Sophie and always felt guilty that she didnt swim until a couple of years ago, I want Caleb to have confidence and swim early on. I wouldnt be surprised if he does too.

Being a boy, his favourite thing has to be sitting on the poolside and jumping into my arms though, which causes much hilarity.

Does anyone have any tips or pointers for me as a novice swim mumma ? If so I'd love to hear how your little ones learnt to swim.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

back to blogging

Well, here I am. Back to blogging after a 6 month break. Its been a busy few months and I havent found the time or the motivation. I so want to get back into it though to help me say what I want and feel. Well, after all thats what bloggings for I guess and I havent used it to its full potential.

Its finding the time I guess with two kids, two cats and a husband working weird shifts. I sometimes think to be the best mum/wife you can be you have to be superwoman. I'm trying but often feel I'm failing miserably.
Anyway, Im hoping this is the start of me taking some me time and putting fingers to keyboard as they say. I hope you'll stick with me and give me any pointers you can to help me here as I'm a technophobe of the highest degree.

Heres some photos of how the kids have grown and whats been happening in the last 6 months.

sophie and caleb at christmas 2009
christmas day 2009

sophie on her way to her first high school dance.

The photo shoot we did for our xmas cards. Caleb was bemused.

Caleb and his big cousin at his 1st birthday.

This was calebs birthday in November. One today. Yay my babeeee!