Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Our New Favourite Place

Listen up Ayrshire People. We have found the best little eatery and coffee shop 'The Secret Garden'. We were out walking a few weeks back and went to feed the ducks down by the river at Doonfoot. We took a pony track alongside the River and ended up at a Spar shop. Round the front of the shop was a little Tea Room where there was the loveliest little raised terrace above the river to sit out side on. We went in and discovered it was a girl we knew locally who had bought and renovated it. It is gorgeous. Lots of home baking, fresh made food and the nicest coffee I've tasted since I ran my own coffee shop.

Today we decided to take Caleb along again to feed the ducks and have a walk. When we arrived at the river it was raining so we headed into the coffee shop and had lunch. Soup and Sandwiches and lots of yummy sweet things. Caleb entertained the locals by singing all the songs from 'Mr Blooms Nursery' and flicking macaroni around which for some reason had everyone in stitches. (I was trying not to be disgusted but he was seriously encouraged by all the ladies in there).

After lunch the sun had come out so we headed off to feed the ducks.

We were greeted by this goose who seemed to have adopted a pair of swans like a baby. It followed the female around like it was their signet and was seriously tame, coming right up to me for a looksee.

The ducks seemed to like Caleb although when he started throwing grass at them they made a sharp exit.

Beautiful Swans came to see us too.

Daddy and Caleb bought rolls and fed the ducks but got besieged by seagulls. Vermin.

Anyway, all in all a lovely day out and a lovely lunch so big thanks to Louise at 'The Secret Garden'.

Cinema Trip

Last week I took Sophie the 'self proclaimed' horror movie fan to see 'Insidious' at the local cinema. We had wanted to see Scream 4 but it had finished at the weekend. I feel with everything that's been going on with Sophie recently that a bit of one on one mother daughter time is badly needed. I sometime wonder if things going from being just her and I then thrown into a family situation has had more of an impact than I first thought (not that I am making any excuses for some of her behaviours).

She had an orthodontists appointment so we went there then a quick trip to McDonalds followed by off to the flicks.

We arrived quite early so had a good chat and a giggle while the lights were still up and managed to wade our way through a good amount of pik'n'mix between us. As the film had been showing for a while the screen we were in was quite empty, 3 other couples in fact and one couple were right in front of us. I had the start of a horrible head cold and was feeling pretty rough so was hoping it might take my mind off it (and a bit of an oogle at Patrick Wilson would inevitably help). Sophie was just happy with sweets and plenty of room to put her feet up and snuggle down under my cardi.

So the film started and we said how lovely the house was and how cute the kids were blah blah blah then about 10 minutes into the showing it started with the creepy music and the strange goings ons then BOOM!!!!!! Full on scary jumpy screamy type frighteningness. (I know I know not a word, but sue me I was scared). Sophie first jumpy bit physically left the seat and screamed full pelt out loud. I had a jump but mainly, along with the ladies in front of us, giggled at Sophie's reaction.  Next Jumpy bit Sophie and I grabbed each other and screamed at the same time it was hysterical. From there on in we held hands for a while, and Sophie Physically shook. I said to her a few times did she want to leave but she would grin and say,' are you mad? This is great.' meanwhile disappearing further under my Cardi.

By the time we were half way through the fright night she had fully submerged herself behind anything she could only poking her head out now and again and giggled at me jumping and covering my eyes.

The film was great if you like seriously jumpy horrors (which I do by the way) and definitely worth a watch I think. It certainly made me forget my cold and all the screaming fairly clears the old sinus's. Sophie thought it was 'ace' apparently although I'm not sure how you judge a film when you were too scared to watch most of it.

All in all it was a great might out and we had such a laugh on the way home going over it all again. I hope we can find something equally scary and go again soon. If only so I can laugh at her again.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Our New Addition

We got a new addition to our family on Saturday. He's lovingly referred to as Mr Lightyear and has a Jet pack. Oh yeh baby. He can stay!!!!


Caleb got a hat at Daddys work on Friday.

How cute does he look and he loves it. He normally doesn't do hats. This one's obviously different.


As soon as he got up on Saturday it was back on again and has pretty much stayed that way.

The Storm and What Came After.

What has happened to our summer?? Where has it gone? Please tell me the lovely 3 weeks we had in April were it. I need some serious sunshine.

Last week was especially bad wasn't it? On Monday night it was utterly wild. The rain and gale forced wind were horrendous our house backs onto the beach pretty much so our whole back garden was destroyed. I went out at dinner time and battened down as much as I could, removing hanging baskets and jamming the gate shut with huge pots propping up the fence with wheelie bins and tying down what I could to save it. However, on waking on Tuesday it was destruction. Part of our fence screening was burst and most of my plants and bushes destroyed. I'm pretty gutted but not repairing just yet as the weather shows no signs of improving any time soon. We still have very high winds on and off here even now. I can't face doing all the work again for it to be ruined again. I will wait for summer.

The up side of living at the seaside and storms is the aftermath at the beach. On Tuesday we packed up and headed down there all wrapped up (in winter gear again *sigh*) and full of mischief. It was low tide so not many folk around but it was still pretty windy and plenty of debris to wade around in from the storm. We had a ball. Caleb thought it was the best fun ever.

It's hard to get mad at mother nature too much when bad weather creates good days out like this one.

 We made our names in the sand for the planes overhead to see and Caleb foraged for good sticks to poke stuff with. I ran around mad in the dunes jumping around like a loon and Hubby chased after us both and photographed. Best fun.

My favourite Photo of the day. 
Crazy Fun

Who did dat???

Holy moly. Wheres the time gone??? Seriously? I haven't blogged for a fortnight. Mainly due to this horrible feeling of nausea when I'm looking at the computer screen. I don't know what causes it and it's driving me bananas.

Anyway, what's been happening in those two weeks I hear you cry? (I did you know so don't deny it K?!!) Well, first and foremost my boys speaking, not just a little bit or nonsensical as it was before. Speaking proper sentences and holding conversations with me. His speech has been a concern and people always point out how behind he was. As of three days ago though he has started asking questions and pointing things out. His favourite saying is 'Who did dat?'. He loves us to answer 'I don't know who did that?' Then he rolls around laughing at himself. He also likes to ask 'Whats that?' to everything. I expect this of course and now spend all my day telling him what things are and why. Today we took him to the supermarket and as Sophie pushed him around she had to name everything on the shelves for him. He was so cute saying 'fajitas'. We stayed there getting him to name Mexican dishes for ages just to get a giggle. SO cute!

For some reason though with this new understanding of language comes the most almighty tantrums. Real screaming, writhing satanic tantrums. On Friday I took them shopping and for lunch, during which he decided to kick off because his sister wouldn't let him take his shoes off in the Mall and run wild while I paid for lunch. We promptly had to leave due to the amount of tutting and head shaking we got. Someone even said to me that my child needed a seriously sore arse while I am trying to force a rigid uncontrollable two year old into a pushchair for the quickest exit possible. Helpful much??? Er no I don't bloody think so. As soon as we left the Mall he was as good as gold and fell asleep on the way home no problem and woke a happier man.

I am trying to implement every kind of discipline with him but nothing seems to be heading the problems off in public. In the house I can just about deal with him but anywhere else and its something I can't control or deal with at all. He seems to understand that there IS no naughty step in a shopping centre or restaurant. How the hell do you deal with this other than remove them from the situation??? I really do hope it is just a phase.

The other new thing we have is toilet awareness. He constantly tells me he needs a pee pee or poo. (sorry toilet talk I know) but he still has the intense fear of the potty or toilet seat. He wont sit on either without desperately trying to cling to me. He acts like he is utterly terrified. He has never had a bad experience on them its been like that since the first time we tried him on them. We've tried chocolate while he sits or tv to distract him but nothing stops the fear. Will he be wearing nappies in a year still due to a fear of toilets??

I've also decided that I need some time out. Hubby has been told that I need at least one afternoon every fortnight off. I do everything and am happy to but I need a little bit of child free time too. I've had virtually no time off since Caleb was born. I do all the childcare, house cleaning, washing, ironing, taxi-ing, finances, DIY, shopping, cooking, everything and never ask for help. With a tantruming 2 year old and hormonal 13 year old I'm exhausted mentally and physically. I need a little rest bite. Moan over.

Well, I'm back blogging and glad to be so. Bring on the madness.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Dear so and so

Dear People who are seriously opinionated,

I am not a seriously opinionated person. When you shove your opinions down my throat by having it in my face constantly it sends me loopy. I like help and advice. Advice from friends is good and helpful and much appreciated. This is different to unwavering tunnel vision opinions of some.
I'd appreciate it if you'd shut the hell up.

Yours unopinionatedly
easily annoyed.

Dear Dad

You are sending me over the edge with your inability to slow down especially now with all thats going on. Please don't fall asleep at every turn then tell me you're fine in an irritated manner when I ask.

Yours lovingly and concerned
your daughter.xx

Dear Daughter

It would seem you are determined to push myself and all adults concerned in your welfare and wellbeing into an early grave. How about you stop being such a complete idiot right now and buck the hell up. Get your head down at school and stop giving teacher snash. Remember what you've been taught growing up about respect for others and yourself and give me a bloody break before I run away (and gran and papa will come with me too I'm pretty sure).

Your loving mother who right now would like to strangle you. xx

Dear Traveller Types.

Come to my door again this summer with leaflets or pushing me to use your services and I will punch you in the face (or somewhere else for that matter). That is all

This Homeowner

Dear Caleb

I know its Known as the 'Terrible Twos'. Doesn't mean you have to strickly abide by the label so how about I have enough on my plate with your insane sister right now and STOP!!

Yours your eternal servant

Dear Sister In Law

Bite me. That is all


Dear So and So...

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 14 May 2011

A Helping Hand

My boy is a typical boy in most ways. He loves cars!!!! Right from he could hold a toy car he made the noises and plays for hours with his cars. He has bucket loads of them and too many is never enough. He loves to go to the airport and watch planes, he loves trains, he loves football, buzz lightyear, woody and cowboys. However, he also is obsessed with pretty butterflies, bumble bees, flowers, birdies and generally all things pretty and garden orientated.

Last week he helped me plant pots of flowers in the back garden and he loved helping. I have  metal fluttering Butterflies on sticks around the garden and he names them all whilst helping too. He loves being in the garden and its extremely difficult to get him inside after. He doesn't want to play out there though he loves to be involved. He's a very clever help too and doesn't once get under my feet. I give him a bowl of water and a plastic cup and he goes round watering all my pots and the strawberry patch.

Yesterday we were out for a walk at the beach and on the way back to the house we bumped into one of my friends two doors along who has just moved back into her house after renting it out for the last 6 months and she was busy sorting out the mess of a garden her tenants had left. Caleb was straight and and started helping straight away, passing her bulbs and moving the earth worms off the path so's not to get hurt. I came home and put the pushchair inside and went back to find them on the step discussing different flowers and colours. Was a lovely sight and I had to take a piccie.

The only way we got him back inside was daddy coming home and he ran to him.

He's such a little outdoor boy and loves all things nature. I love that he has so many little sides to his personality. A boys boy with a gentle side.

A Very Bad Week

Had a very bad week mentally this week. I've struggled with every day and hated it. There's been a lot of upset with my girlie and problems at school and it's been unbelievably tough to get through it, but I have. I have to say having to deal with some major traumas during a serious bought of depression has made me feel stronger and I realise I CAN function as a mum despite being unwell.

It's very hard to face the outside world sometimes but when it comes to dealing with a serious problem rationally and well it almost over rides the feeling of misery and gives me something to focus on and pull me back to my feet. I'm not saying its rough and I did spend half the time in tears and trying to breathe through it all but we are well and truly out the other end of this week and I am breathing a sigh of relief.

Yesterday I felt the cloud lifting and am hoping for a more even keel this week coming. Lots of fresh air and walking helps so that's my plan to keep on the up and up.

Anyway life, I'm back.

Monday, 9 May 2011


What age is OK to let your kids stay up to watch horror movies late at night????

Sophie adores Horror or so she told us....... So on Saturday night she was feeling a bit fed up and Hubby and I decided to let her up uber late and watch 'Scream' with us. We put out all the lights and wrapped her up in a blanket with toast, tea and thunder and lightening outside lighting up the room. BOOOOOOOOHAHA spooky!!!!

Well, there we are watching and she starts off by saying its not a Horror movie its a Slasher flick. I stand corrected. Next she tells us its predictable and rubbish. Then the killer jumps out a cupboard at someone and BOOM, shes under the blanket, screams out loud and stayed there for the rest of the film, screaming randomly.

I thought Hubs and I might burst a blood vessel laughing at her. Big tough Sophs whos 'always watching horrors at friends houses' was absolutely bricking it.

Best laugh we've had in ages.

End verdict however was,  she 'loved it and can we tape the sequels and watch them too?'.

I think she's gotten the watching a Horror Movie ( sorry slasher flick) down pat and we shall be repeating the process if only to get a good giggle at her. I'm thinking 'Candyman' next. *naughty mummy*.

Super Mummy???

Ok. So, the boy's been a bit of a nightmare as I've said. At the weekend things escalated. Daddy was off and at home and when he's here Caleb's routine and the consistency of my disciplining etc goes out the window.

When we use the naughty step normally he gets told to behave, then he gets warned about his behaviour and then he gets taken to the naughty step and told why he's there. When Daddy's here its 'do you want to go and sit on the naughty step?' Answer......... 'yes please daddy'!! Not a question and also now the step is no longer a threat but a fun thing to do.  Hubby was in a foul mood all weekend and questioning why the hell anyone would want another one of these creatures. He lost the plot more than once and was generally a misery to be around. In fact they both were.

Today it's just the boy and I all day and he was an angel bar one meltdown at bedtime but mostly caused by exhaustion and that's forgivable. A cuddle soon sorted that out.

Anyway, the bottom line is there is no unity on discipline between us and what's acceptable. When he's at Hubby's parents house he get sweets and treats to stop bad behaviour and no matter how many times I say what I do for discipline its ignored.

My solution????? Today I went to the library and I have taken out the 'Supernanny' book and I shall be telling husband dearest if he doesn't read it and take heed there will be a bloody divorce!!!! I've read it and he better support the methods I'm adopting and stick up for me elsewhere too.

Here comes SuperMummy and a new approach. Fingers crossed it works.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Who stole my angel????

Ok admit it...... who stole my angelic baby boy and replaced him with this little devil I now see before me????

I thought at 2.5years we were narrowly avoiding the terrible twos but apparently not. This last week he's been a terror. He squeals every time he's told off and stamps his feet. Mostly does nothing I say. Won't politely answer people just screams and refuses to speak to them. Kicks off big style at every given opportunity.

Butter wouldn't melt eh?

I'm exhausted and sometimes mortally embarrassed by this whirling dervlish I have to bodily remove from public places regularly.

If we stay in and have quiet days in just he and I he's an angel again and behaves the way I know him for but as soon as we introduce anyone else into the mix or new environments I just am guaranteed serious kicking off. I refuse to avoid going out with him though or keeping him in. We will go out and we will meet people and he better start getting used to it soon.

I suppose they all go through it and to be honest I just fancied a moan but someone tell me they 'really' do all go through it and I'm not alone in the mortification of face screaming at old ladies and ground kicking and lying on the ground in public. :o(

(p.s still bloody adore him though)

A Great Day with Friends

This weekend we were due to go through to visit Dawn (@the_moiderer) in Dundee and her family. We had decided saturday was as good a day as any but in true Hubby style he managed to get held on at work and didn't finish until 8am and we were due to leave at 10am. Two hours sleep???? I think not! I'd rather not be in his company in that kind of mood thank you! So, we postponed until Sunday.

It took us until 11am to get out the house and on the road but we did eventually and so glad we did.  It took us roughly just under 2 hours to get there and the countryside was gorgeous.

When we got there Dawn and her little girl met us and we got the kids outside to play where we blew up a bouncy castle and let them have some fun.

My Hubby and daughter decided to go on an adventure and see some of the sights and Dawns husband went indoors and we had some time to chat and play with the kids. She'd once mentioned 'what if we didn't like each other when we met?' but to be honest that hadn't ever crossed my mind. She's one of these people I've just liked from the first time we chatted on twitter. She is kind, caring, straight to the point, honest and secretly has a bit of a wicked sense of humour. Now, I've met her none of those opinions have changed and she has the loveliest family in her little one and hubby.

Other things I discovered???? She makes a mean chilli in her slow cooker, shares my diet coke addiction  and is extremely welcoming to her home.

Other things Caleb discovered???? He is a huge tease when it comes to girls, not to shove someone when they're on a swing (poor little one took a thump) , and Dawns hubby is secretly Lord Tumble. (He woke up on Monday asking for Lord Tumble)

Other things Sophie discovered????? Lord Tumble also is incredibly cool and played in a band, shares her like of horror movies and they have a wicked DVD collection.

Other things hubby discovered??? It's ok to meet new people and is great to find out you have plenty to talk about and to have things in common with.

The kids mostly played very well and had a nice time. We got to meet the new kitten 'spud' and everyone fell immediately in love with him. 

We stayed for dinner and headed off soon after as the kiddies were all shattered from their exciting day. My two both slept most of the way home.  

In true toddler style though Caleb woke up as soon as we saw the sea and was up until after 10.30pm but on good form.

All in all the day was a success and we had a lovely time. So, huge thanks to Dawn and family.