Thursday, 29 April 2010


This week I've taken Caleb swimming for the first time in ages. Hes previously been twice in his life due to my body image problems, so this week I decided to take him and make a regular thing of it. Hes loving it. He tries to kick his legs and splashes non stop. I bought him a floatie seat and he spends half the time in there while I swim him up and down the pool and the other half i take him out and we play.

I love that at that age they seem to have no fear of the water and as I didnt do it with Sophie and always felt guilty that she didnt swim until a couple of years ago, I want Caleb to have confidence and swim early on. I wouldnt be surprised if he does too.

Being a boy, his favourite thing has to be sitting on the poolside and jumping into my arms though, which causes much hilarity.

Does anyone have any tips or pointers for me as a novice swim mumma ? If so I'd love to hear how your little ones learnt to swim.


  1. I googled "baby swim." You want to teach them to float first--babies are very bouyant!

  2. Me & Oli do exactly the same! He adores his floaty seat! I used to be rather conscious about my body but I've grown ok to it now - I'm proud of my stretch marks and baby tummy!
    I just wish my OH wasn't so ashamed of his body , bless him. Going to be watching your replies as I would like to know what to do with Oli to help teach him to swim! :) xx

  3. I'm yet to take BG swimming, I really must start taking her x

  4. I'm not exactly thrilled to be in a swimsuit but it's worth it when I see how happy and excited my daughter is in the pool! We really should go more often but I am not confident in the pool myself so only go when hubby can come too.


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