Sunday, 17 July 2011

Where does my time go????

It seems ages since I've been able to sit down and blog about something I just want to get off my chest. It 'has' been ages. I've had an awful lot going on here with myself, my crazy brain and my kids, hubby etc. It seems like mentally I'm somewhere else right now. There's too much to even put down on here without being all week typing and to be frank most of it is my own personal demons and I need to sort out myself so I can concentrate on other things.

I promise I will get there soon and will start to write a bit more upbeat posts now and again.

As for now, the anniversary of my friends death is fast approaching and as with every year for some reason unknown to my brain it plays in there for weeks before hand and after. I never know quite how to deal with the day, ignore it and hope it goes away quickly or mark it somehow?  Some years I've gone and put flowers at the crash site and tried to feel close to him but that never seems to work. He was cremated so no grave to visit. Its a quandry that will haunt me until the 11th of August and beyond.

As for the kids, they are getting so big so fast and I feel a bit like its slipping past too fast at the moment without me noticing the next stages. Time slowing down for a little while would be nice.

One day I 'will' feel like the old me again and think of something fun and positive to write about. Meantime bear with me.

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  1. Time does fly by, and it is much more noticeable when you have children! I imagine it's very normal to have your friends death on your mind at this time of year, and your blog is your own, about you, so don't worry if it's not as upbeat as usual, you can only write how you feel. Nat


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