Saturday, 13 August 2011

Back to School Soon

Five days and counting!!!! Five days until our schools go back here. Yipeeeeee. (I'm not excited honestly)

I'm not saying I don't like my little *ahem* angel at home, no not a bit, what I'm saying is I hate the summer holidays. Its too long and even the kids start to get bored towards the end. I defy any mother who claims she 'loves' the holidays (liars) to still say the same when their currently small and angelic pre school or junior school kiddies are teens. Teens are bored much faster, less easy to amuse, drain on your finances and generally angry that a) your taxi service isn't on call 24/7 and b) they may actually have to get out of bed before lunchtime to let you leave the house. (I'm not a mother who leaves my 13 year old home alone so she has to be organised so I am organised)

I remember the days well of her at junior school and happy during the summertime to tag along at whatever activity myself or grandparents did for the day. We often went picnics or to the beach just for cheap summer solutions or on rainy days painted or got the board games out. Now a suggestion of such things results in a barrage of cheek and text to her friends whinging about her insane and stupid mother.

Her friends have had quite a lot of holidays this year and sometimes they all coincided with each other leaving my girl at a serious loose end. Other times just the mere fact of a bunch of hormonal 13/14 year olds being bitchy meant someone was always left out and my girls refusal to get involved generally meant it was her.

Our holiday was far to early on in the school year although if we had waited the cost would've soared so next year I fully intend to book a month away and let her be bored somewhere else.

Anyway I salute the upcoming Thursday the 18th of August and say bring it on. I also can't wait to have more money now I'm not supplying enough to feed a small army ,getting some time to actually do some blogging and mostly ME time. Yay for school.

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  1. It is hard, I haven't noticed the holidays being so long yet as Lucas doesn't start school until Wednesday. It is quite long though x


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