Friday, 19 August 2011

Development Update

It's been a long time since I updated with Caleb's battle with his sluggish development. He's catching up fast now and every day brings another little step forward. I'd say he's probably averaging about 6months behind other kids his age but as they're all so different it's difficult to say.

His speech is coming on daily and every couple of days he will actually come away with a full sentence used in context and always makes me giggle. He is a really wee babbler and one day it will all just make sense I reckon.

A lot of his problems stem from sheer laziness in my opinion. There's not much wrong with him I reckon other than being mollycoddled a bit much by me (slaps wrist). That much has to change so I'm going to try and start pushing him a little more to be slightly more independant. Hopefully that will help him catch up a bit easier.

This week I decided to get him moving with his eating and make him feed himself with cutlery. He managed just fine. He's happy to feed himself finger foods and always has been but if it came to spoons or knives and folks he would refuse. I thought I'd try it again this week and instead of sitting with him while he eats, I would potter around and he did great. Happily scoffing soups and cereal. Cutting up his own food and eating with a knife and fork. So hugely proud of this little man. He's come so far in such a short time.

Now we just have to master being able to look at a potty without freaking the hell out and hopefully by his 3rd birthday in November attempt some potty training. EEK.

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