Friday, 23 July 2010

Nappy Cream and Medicine Carry Case Review

Last week I was sent a couple of things by the lovely people at 'Emma's Diary' to review.

The first of which was 'Bepanthen Ointment', which coincidentally was a godsend as Caleb is teething quite badly and has quite bad nappy rash at present. I was also sent a , 'Nurofen Medicine carry case'. Handy too as he's been needing his painkillers a lot this last week and we have been busy with relatives and birthday visits keeping us out the house .

Firstly the Bepanthen. I had heard of Bepanthen but since Caleb was born I've always used another big brand of nappy rash cream which we only put on when the little man needs it as it sometimes can create a barrier in his nappy and stop them absorbing as much as normal. I've been using the Bepanthen for a week now at every change as hit bottom is so sore with his back teeth pushing through. I have to say I didn't find it quite as greasy as our normal cream and his nappies were still as absorbent. His nappy rash has improved quite a bit and he certainly doesn't seem as uncomfortable.
Bepanthen claims to stop your babies skin drying out like some other creams and it seems to live up to its promise. It also claims to contains no fragrance or colourings so is delicate enough for all ages of baby including premature babies. The only downside I could see was that it seems to be considerably more expensive than the cream I use. When I went onto some supermarkets websites to price it, it was around the £2.50 mark for a 30g tube. The one I use is around £3.50 for a 250g tub. It means that if I'm completely honest I may buy Bepanthen if his bottom was very sore when teething but probably would stick to my usual brand for general use, although I was impressed by the Bepanthen results.

The other product I was asked to review was the Nurofen medicine carry case and syringe. This I love. Its a great idea. On days out and overnight stays I usually have to put medicine bottles in little freezer bags in his changing bag as the bottles get so sticky after every use and you don't want it all over clothes or nappies in the bag. It also has a little window on the front for instructions of when they need their next dose and the child's name. This would be especially handy for little ones who are maybe in childminders or nursery's during the day. It also comes with a handy measuring syringe which I have to say normally I wouldn't use as Caleb's always preferred spoons for his medicine but for very small babies this would prove very handy. There's an interior mesh pocket where we kept some spare spoons and a few sachets of paracetamol painkillers too. We were at my sisters who's expecting her second child for her birthday this week and she was commenting on how simple and clever the case was.
Its a great idea and I'm planning to keep using my case from now on.

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  1. There are some methods which you can put to work to help prevent Nappy rash or at least soothe it for your baby. Change her nappy frequently, ensure you practice this in their first year - period. Use cotton wool and warm water.


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