Tuesday, 27 July 2010

We're All Going to the Zoo Tomorrow

I looooooove love love love the zoo!!!!

I love all animals but especially the type you don't come across every day.

I've mentioned before I love penguins most of all and I'm going to see them this week and cant wait.
Our nearest zoo is in Edinburgh which is 80+ miles away so we don't go that often, but when we do I am in heaven. These are some photos of our last visit which was last year.

When I know I'm going its ridiculous. I cant sleep the night before and once I'm there I run around like a woman possessed. My hubby finds it hysterical to watch. I can stop being super excited. My mum doesn't like zoo's I think its the smell and she's not a great animal lover (She likes all things clean), so we didn't get to go to there very often when I was a child. I have lots of fabulous childhood memories of great days out with my parents but no many of them involve animals.

So when Hubby suggested we go this week at some point I jumped at the chance and we're just waiting for a half decent day and then we'll pack up and go.

I'm soooooooooo excited. Yay!!!


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