Sunday, 11 July 2010

The pram dilema.

Its so sad when your baby outgrows stuff isn't it? A real sign they're growing up fast. I just didn't expect it to happen so fast this time round.

Calebs Maxi Cosi Mura is too wee for him and I'm so sad. His feet hang over the edge and his head touches the hood. He's only 19months old and I expect a pram to last at least until they're 3. I'm so disappointed in it. The carry cot was fantastic and he was in it right up until he was 10 months. The car seat was great too. We used it on the wheels until recently as it was spacious and convenient. The seat unit has just been uncomfortable and not to his liking right from the beginning and I wondered if he was too wee for it, so left it a while until he was bigger. It been used a handful of times and now he's uncomfortable in it as he's too big for it.

I have a concord fusion pushchair too and cant decide whether to just sell the Maxi Cosi and be done with it. I'd so like to have another baby soon and cant decide if I'd use it again or not. The fusion has a carry cot for it and I have the newborn car seat unit for it too. Its just the Maxi Cosi was my first pram for the wee chap and its sentimental value really. I find it so hard to part with anything of his.

There's the other issue of double prams. If I do have another baby in the near future would I need a double pram. I walk a lot with the pram and quite often my car lies outside the house unused for weeks. What age will he not sit any longer or what age does he need a pram up to?

Arghhhh help!


  1. If you do plan to have another baby and you love this pram, I'd see if it will take a buggy board. Unfortunately my pram wouldn't because of where the breaks and tires were so I bought a dbl and hated it! I ended up buying a second hand buggy and buggy board and Wee Z loves his buggy board!

  2. Thank you hon. Neither of mine take a buggy board sadly. I guess I'll wait and see if the situation arises and see whether calebs for walking or being pushed. being a man im sure he'll want pushed. lol

  3. Ooooo I shall be embarking on the long and confusing world of prams again shortly.....

  4. We have pram reviews on our website. I bought the phil and teds which is fantastic and even more so now I have another on the way only 12 months apart. It takes a really heavy load so lasts for years and while it is expensive you can pick up a fantastic bargain on eBay for a fraction of the price of a new one.

    I'd like to put this review onto our buggy review page on the new relaunch site if that's ok?

  5. Thats fine fi. carry on. Im happy to help. I very much like the obaby tandem pram. Its looking like i wont be needing one anyway as by the time we get round to it he'll be at college now anyway at this rate. lol.xx


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