Thursday, 5 August 2010

Hamleys Toy Review

Squiddy Bath toy -£9 3yrs+
Building Blocks- £22 18mth+
Shape Sorter Cube -£14.50 18mth+
Animal Ark -£24 18mth+

This is a sponsored post.

Earlier this week, Caleb and I were very kindly sent some toys from the lovely people at Emma's Diary to review for Hamleys Toy Shop.

We were sent  Wooden Building Blocks, Squiddy Bath Toy, The Shape Sorter Cube and The Animal Ark.

This caused much excitement when we unpacked the boxes. Caleb's face immediately lit up with all the fabulous bright coloured packaging. The immediate hit was the Animal Ark. He loved this toy and couldn't wait to get it out the box. When his sister and he did they started playing with it straight away. It has various different tunes, animal noises and boat noises. The animals all fit into certain places depending on the shape attached to them and the size and shape of their feet. 
Noah at the front of the ark makes a ships horn noise when you press him into seat and the wheel makes the noise of water going through the ark. There's basic, coloured piano keys on the roof and when you push it along on its wheels it makes noise too. This was definitely Caleb's favourite toy and possibly the one he likes best out of all his toys. I think at £24 its fairly reasonably priced for the amount of things it does too. The only downside of the toy is that the noises volume is extremely loud. So loud in fact when we took it to grannies to play one day we couldn't talk over it or hear each other at all. We have looked everywhere on the toy and there doesn't seem to be any volume adjuster or an on/off switch so it is now relegated to his bedroom whenever theres anyone in as it really is quite unbearably loud. I think its a terrible shame as it really is a great toy. 

The wooden toys, the Shape Sorter and the Building Blocks I think the rest of us loved as we found that we could interact and play with him with them to. His sister who's nearly 13 has been helping build lots of towers and houses. The blocks we were sent were pink ones but after looking online I see they do plain ones too probably more suited for a boy if you were thinking of buying these as a gift. They are priced at £22 and for 100 blocks I think that's very reasonable. I think its something he may enjoy more as he gets more creative but at the moment he does love to sit and watch and hand the blocks to us. The Shape Sorter he loved the bright colours and the fact the top lifts off to empty them out and put them back in. Its a very attractive toy but I thought £14.50 was slightly more expensive than I would pay for this one. 
Daddy and Caleb building a Castle
A finished Effort

Finally Squiddy the bath toy. This little guys great. We got sent a green one and he's just such fun. He required batteries, 2xAA, but once you get that little guy in the water its worth it. Hes wild!! Caleb shrieks with joy as the squid swims at great speed and loops ,turns and dives around the bath. Although he's for kids 3+ and Caleb's only 20mths he still loved him. Maybe Caleb's age showed a bit more when sometimes he'd grab him and sit on him or throw him across the bath but the squid seems fairly resilient and still carried on with no ill effects. I have a nephew who's nearly 5 and I think he'd love this. His birthdays coming up soon and I'm thinking I may have to order one for him . £9 may be considered a bit steep for this but I think its worth it as Squiddy is fab fun and I think all kids of all ages will love this little green guy and his swimming talents. 

All in all we've had a fun few days and intend to have a lot more with Hamleys toys. 

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