Monday, 20 December 2010

We saw SANTAAAAAAAAAAA and He Rocked.

Today we took Caleb to meet Santa at a Garden Centre nearby. We packed up and set off tentatively as we weren't too sure how he would feel about a big man with a beard dressed all in red. It can be quite intimidating for littlies I always think and have stood in line over the years with Sophie watching people removing their hysterical kiddies from the grotto.

We chose to go today as most schools around here don't break up until Wednesday and so we thought it would be nice and quiet. No wrestling a tired fed up toddler in a long queue.

We arrived and bought our ticket and went to the grotto. There was one family already in and then us so we let Caleb wander around the winter wonderland they had created. It was small but very cute and he loved it. He was agog. Unfortunately we discovered at this point that our camera wasn't working so all photos were taken on our phones which meant the quality wasn't so good. Big disappointment on his first visit for us.

We only waited ten minutes then the elf came and let us in. He was great and when we got in the Santa was so fantastic. Lovely warm friendly jolly man and Caleb although a little bit thrown by it all was very good and Santa told us sit at the door with the little one until he got used to him, which we thought was great. He spoke directly to Caleb even though we had to answer for him and within minutes he started to move nearer Santa until he was sitting on a little seat next to him.

Still Santa kept a distance and chatted to him and opened a present for him which was a cuddly sheep which Caleb is holding here. He loved it. Then they started chatting about Cars and Santa showed him a truck in his toy stash.  Caleb was moving in closer and Santa started chatting about his sleigh and how it didn't drive like a truck it flew pulled by reindeer.

Next thing we know Caleb's up on Santa's knee chatting away.  They even stopped to pose for a photo.

They had a lovely wee chat and we were in there for ages. Santa was so taken with Caleb he ended up asking what his favourite truck was and when we told him Caleb loves Fire engines he found one and gave him that as well as his little gift.

It was such a lovely experience and memory. I think Daddy and I enjoyed it as much as Caleb did.


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  1. What a great Santa! So glad Caleb's first Santa visit was so warm and friendly. :)

    Marian Allen


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