Sunday, 19 December 2010

Big Girl, Big Dance

My big girl had her school Christmas Dance this week. The preparation for this used to consist of curling her hair and letting her put on a tiny bit of my lip gloss. Not this year.

This year I had to, cut her hair, apply her fake tan, blow dry her hair, straighten it and help her de-fuzz. I know, I know she's only 13 but after seeing the photos of her friends, I reckon I got off lightly. Some of them had been for full head hair extensions, spray tans and acrylic nails. That shocks me. I'm obviously one of the stricter mums, but hey I thought me big (wee) girl (baby) looked lovely if not a little old and tall for me not to shed a tear.


  1. OMG--It hurts so much to see them grow up overnight like that! I kept trying to squish my "baby" down, but it didn't work and now she's 27!

    Your girl looks grown-up but not in a bad way. Too many young girls seem to think that "grown-up" means "tarty looking", which makes one wonder what grown-ups they've been observing. You've obviously raised yours to have respect for herself. Good job!

    Marian Allen

  2. Thank you so much honey. I know what you mean. having a little one around just makes her feel that much older and more grown up in my eyes. They're always your baby really though!!! :o) xx


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