Monday, 6 December 2010

Our Snowy Day at Grannies

Today we woke up to the most glorious coloured sky and sunshine. Hubby was nightshift last night and didn't come home until after 9am so he fed and dressed Caleb while I managed a peaceful shower. When Hubby went to his bed I decided to pop up and see my Mum and Dad as I'd mentioned to Mum I may go to the wool shop in the next town and get wool and a pattern for a cardigan for Caleb. So around half past ten and in a torrential downpour we packed up and went the 2 miles to my parents house. When we arrived I said to her once the rain eased we could head off if she liked so we settled down with a cup of tea, Caleb watching Cars and Dad even came through from his office and had a chat and played with the wee chap.

We sat for around an hour waiting for the rain to ease. It seemed to just go on and on forever and was really throwing it down so we made another cuppa and some lunch. At around midday we looked out and saw huge massive gigantic snowflakes. We never get snow like that here at this side of the coast. We all said, 'oh it wont last'. It went on all day.

This was taken ten minutes into the snow. 

I am the biggest scaredy when driving in even a flurry of snow so I started to panic a little bit around 3pm. Dad volunteered to run us home in my car later and my Mum would follow us down and pick him up then head for their shopping.  Relief. I relaxed a bit then and Caleb had great fun playing with Grannie and raiding the sweetie drawer. He was a wee star all day and loved standing at their windows watching the blizzard. He's great.

He loves sitting on Grannies worktops and watching out the windows and playing. 

Had a lovely day out and really am staying in now until the snow clears. Phew.

Papa was out clearing the drive so he was more interested watching than counting fingers. 

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