Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas Cards.

I hate Christmas Cards. I hate them cluttering up my house for a month and collecting dust. I don't like them hanging on my walls either. After a week they always look tired and tatty. I hate sending them. I hate writing them and the cost of their purchase and postage. I hate that every year you get more and more and lots from people you never see and are unlikely to see again. I think Christmas cards suck!!!!! Bah Humbug. 

Having said that, *clears throat*, I do love sending out photo cards of my kiddies dressed in embarrassing clothes. The last two years we have dressed them up, taken the photos and ordered photo cards to send to close friends and family instead of the bog standard shop bought ones. Then, due to the price of doing it that way, I limit it to just 20 cards. That may seem a bit stingy but I just don't see the point of huge quantities of cards being sent to people who probably recognise the names on them but can't quite remember who we are.

Christmas 2009

Lots of Cutie pie smiles last year

Last years photo session was a huge sucess and the kids were great in their santa suits. This year wasn't as sucessful and we had a lot of photos of Caleb struggling to escape and looking at Daddy who was behind me waving Haribos around. 

Christmas 2010. 'Where's my sweeties'
So this year the photo cards were thrown together from a mixture of actions shots and eyes everywhere shots but we had great fun with them and the kids were having a good laugh. Isn't that was Christmas is all about in the end??

So what to do with the Christmas cards we get? Well the Christmas cards I receive I don't put up.We have a lovely little basket that sits beside our tree and holds all the cards. I leave them there for the kids to look through and once Christmas Day is over I will be letting them make Christmas Card Collages with the pictures with glue and scissors. See I'm not so bah humbug after all I'm just not a big fan of Christmas Cards the old fashioned way is all

'Let me down'
 'Ok. I'm off'


  1. I don't send Christmas cards, but I like your 20-card limit. I might start doing that.

    We have louvered doors on our front room coat closet, and I hang the cards we receive on the louvers. It is very festive. I save the ones I like the most, for the inevitable day when no one sends me cards anymore because I never send them any. So far, that hasn't happened. So far, I've been ripping off more than my fair share of Christmas communications.

    Okay, I'm done hijacking your blog now. Oh, and your kids? They're every bit as adorable as you think they are. LOVE that elf costume!

    Marian Allen

  2. Aww, bah humbug!! I love Christmas cards but so many people hate them like you do. I am currently sitting here writing mine out. Well I was before I got distraced by the internet!

  3. I hate cards too! If everyone bought ones to my taste it would be fine.... but they clash with everuthing I own and generally get on my nerves & kids get SO MANY! - Love the little outifits on the children thou very cute!

  4. I love cards, especially now we are not in the UK, it's nice to see people (so far 3!) have taken the effort to remember us and get off their backsides and post us one!

    I can see why people hate them though - I would say don't send them, (unless you have friends living in Cyprus and they'd love one!) if people still choose to send them to you that's up to them!

  5. Such gorgeous photos!! I've not done any yet and I think I might just get away with not doing any at all. Might get the in laws one from us and oli but thats about it. Thank you for letting me include this post and your Christmas Drama with the in laws post in my Christmas feast! :)

  6. Popped over via Emma's Christmas round-up. I do like your idea of putting the cards in a basket. We have a triangular contraption which sits in the kitchen: I can't be doing with clutter.
    This year I ordered cards made using a photo I took last Winter and it was good to send something different.

  7. Thanks for visiting guys. Its all about personal preference I guess. I got alot of cards this year with photos on and I love them. Maybe thats the way forward for us card hubugs. lol xx

  8. Fab idea about putting them in the basket, I hate the look of them too, especially if they are cheap ones which is when I think why even bother? Last year I handmade our Christmas cards of The Boy dressed up as Santa. A few people took the mickey so this year those people had cheap ones with no photo where no doubt they thought why even bother? Serves them right!


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