Monday, 13 June 2011

Catching up and the dreaded EYE!!

Seems weeks since I blogged. Quite literally.

There's been so much going on here not least my crazy two year old scratching my eyeball and leaving me visually impaired for a week.

Last Sunday was a nightmare. I was stressed and running late to get out the door when Caleb started a tantrum I couldn't control and he lashed out scraping his nail along my eyeball. At the time I thought the excruciating pain would subside quickly not realising he had actually damaged the eye. I tried to carry on with getting us organised for the day but the pain came in unbelievable waves and watered uncontrollably. It was one of the worst pains ever and I couldn't do a thing to make it stop. After an hour I decided I couldn't bear it any longer and phoned my husband who was at his parents to come home and take me to A&E at the local hospital. I got myself and the kids organised and sorted my parents to come and collect the kids and take them to their house while we went. Then off we went to the hospital.

Being a weekend there was over an hours wait while I had to sit in a waiting room with sunglasses on and a tissue to dab up the constant flood of watery eye. Now, for those of you who don't know me very well, I have an abundance of phobias, not least of which is my fear of people touching my face. I hate it !!!!! Its a shaking , crying inducing problem for me which causes no end of trouble with dentist appointments and doctors if they ever want to look at anything to do with my face. So there I am in the waiting room with my knees knocking and having several panic attacks at the thought of anyone touching me or my eyes especially my eyyyyyyyeeees.

Then out came a nurse and called my name and we were taken to an eye examination room.  I quickly relayed what had happened to her and told her in great depth how I hate anyone touching my face,eyes, ears etc and she was very understanding and said any problems with anything she did just say and we'd stop. YAY someone who doesn't shrug off how I'm feeling and understood. I was at ease with this lady. I likied her A LOT!

Firstly she put an anesthetic drop in my eye and they pain was gone instantly. So, this is good and yes I'm happy and laughing but this stage. Then she does a full eye exam becoming a bit worried that I have no vision out of my left eye now at all but also laughing at how bad my sight in my right eye is and how I NEVER wear my glasses. (its a standing joke in my house that I spend HUGE amounts on designer specs and never wear them) SO, then she applies a dye to my eye so we can see the scratch. ITS FOOKIN HUGE!! It was the full width of his nail and went from one side of the eyeball to the other and right across my pupil. Even my husband who up until now had been 'tsking' at how 'its only a scratch on your eye for heaven sake' , sort of recoiled and became instantly more sympathetic. The nurse said it was a 'substancial amount of damage'. HAH!! Not an overreaction then. *sticks tongue out*.

Anyway, the outcome was, I was given anti biotic drops, painkillers and sent home with instructions to keep the eye closed for 2 days, apply drops 5 times a day and get as much rest as possible with it. It should heal in 72 hours and sight should be fine.

After 3 days it was still very sore and watering a lot with a bit of blurriness so I went to my own GP and got stronger painkillers and more antibiotics as it was slightly infected.

The blurriness lasted nearly 5 days and still I have a small amount of random pain in it. The moral of the story?? Wear yer specs you silly woman when dealing with a flailing crazed 2 year old!!


  1. I'm glad it's getting better at last. What a nightmare

  2. Oh how awful. Pleased to hear you're on the mend now.


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