Monday, 13 June 2011

A Much Needed night Out

We managed to get out this weekend for a much needed break as a family and as a couple. It was breaking point and my parents very kindly stepped in and offered help and support.

On Saturday Night we went out for a curry just the two of us and then out for some cocktails and dancing. It was great and couldn't have been more what we both needed.

We were too busy having a nice time to take any photos really but who can resist the one of my lovely dinner. I'm addicted to the Taj's Channa puree and managed at least 2/3 of it.

Then we did happen to treat ourselves to some Indian Lager. Yum

This was followed by 5 or 6 too many Raspberry and Pomegranate Mules and a lot of jigging about. Worth every second of the sore head on Sunday though. Especially as we had a family fun day to attend but it was good fun and we managed it. That's another post in the making.

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