Monday, 13 June 2011

Mummys Little Man

So despite the eye debacle what else is going on the world of the crazy terrible twos??

Well, just over a week ago I sat down after several meltdowns on my part and read 'Supernanny' from beginning to end and decided what we need is a routine!! A strict, stick to routine.

A we got out the pens and paper and Caleb helped me make one for him, plus cutting out all E numbers and foods/drinks with heavy colouring and seriously limiting tv time. For the first few days we had a mixed response although there was a noticeable improvement in his overall behaviour and attitude. We had one day where I made a mess of the routine by arranging to go out at a time when we normally don't which resulted in both of us having a serious meltdown. That taught me a lesson. Its there for a reason and tell people we will be available in our 'free time' slots in the routine. We have since then made several days out and stuck to it whilst out and about and it does work. It's just a case of adjusting to it myself.  We are now 9 days into it and there is a marked improvement all round in his eating, co operation and attitude.

playing with mummys glasses

He is a much happier boy and I am a much happier mummy.

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