Monday, 13 June 2011


Seriously people. Is this summer????? Its supposed to be heating up and a tiny bit of sunshine on a day to day basis wouldn't go amiss.

I think we had every season possible last week and a funnel cloud photographed 2 miles from here and mentioned on the national ITV weather.
Someone Photographed this 2 miles from my house and sent it to ITV weather. 

JUNE!!! Its JUNE!!! Rain, Hail, Gales, Rain, Rain, Rain and more bloody Rain.

Nice little hail storm on a tuesday in June followed by thunder and lightening. Nice!!

Then on Friday there was a glimmer of hope. The sun actually came out and looked like it might be happy to see us but then on Saturday promptly buggered off and left us again and hasn't made a glimmer of an appearance soon. So, does anyone actually know when summer is coming to our gloomy shores or should I sign up for some Club Tropicana repping or something to get me out of this dire country.

Scottish weather system you are officially a douchebag!!!

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  1. Don't worry the English weather's not been much better either. I'm just afraid we had our summer in April and now that's it for the year!


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