Thursday, 12 August 2010

Positive Day!

Ok. So I've for sometime been well aware that I've put on A LOT of weight since Caleb was born. I think I've been trying to ignore it though. After I had my first baby I put a huge amount of pressure on myself about weight and appearance and this time I decided to enjoy my baby and not worry. Not worrying however has led to 2+ stone on in weight in 20 months. None of its baby weight either as I was lighter after Caleb was born that pre pregnancy. It's just sheer laziness and gluttony. Well, enough's enough. I'm nipping it in the bud now!!!
pre baby no 2

now. Yuck

Ive been wracking my brains for weeks about how to do it. Dieting has never been something I've been good at having suffered for years from eating disorders I have one extreme or the other, nothing in between. I've considered faddy diet and all sorts but generally I know that its just a case of 'eat less move more' as my husband tells me.

For a while I went to the gym with a friend but she demotivated me and also the gym is so busy that we spent alot of time hanging around waiting to get on machines not doing much. I cant go running like I used to as I have a rotating knee cap, from years of road running, which really needs replacing but I refuse. Swimming I find is too easy to sneak into the jacuzzi and steam room, and Aerobics well, nope not for me.

Today I took Caleb for a stroll to the beach and found while we were walking there that since I changed his pram to front facing he's alot happier and would rather be in the pram and watching whats going on, so I turned the walk into a powery type walk and he loved it. Problem solved. I'm always saying I don't get baby free time to go and do something for myself so here's the compromise.

We got home after 2 hours and hopped in the car and checked the routes mileage. Its just over 5miles. So here's my plan.
Get up, when school goes back , 3 mornings a week and straight after Caleb's breakfast I'll stick on proper exercise gear and a jacket depending on weather and do the route as fast as we can. After 4 weeks I will up the route a bit and add a few more miles.
Cut portion sizes of what I eat down by a 3rd and no snacks other than fruit.

The good thing I think about this is we can come home get showered and have the rest of the day to do whatever we want, and if we really get into it we may up the amount of days to every weekday and see how we go.

Here's hoping I stick to it!

Roll on  next Wednesday and the schools going back. For now we will still go when and if we get a chance.


  1. That's a great plan hun, I really need to lose weight. I have issues with my back which makes certain types of exercise for me. Good luck x

  2. Thanks hon. I hope I stick to it. I have a terrible back and as I said my knee cant take anything high impact. I think this might suit tho. I'll get the old knee support on and give it a go. xxx


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