Saturday, 21 August 2010

Wretched teeth

Caleb has 12 teeth and has done for sometime. He got them all at once when he was around a year with very little fuss. He now has his furthest back 4 molars coming in and all of a sudden they've stolen my lovely carefree little angel. He's in agony and its breaking my heart and Daddy's patience.

So I've tried everything with him. Medicine, teething gels, herbal powders, chewy toys and nothing seems to be helping the poor wee man.

He cries at the drop of a hat and spends 90% of the day with his fingers in his mouth chewing like mad. We've had unbelievable tantrums that are completely out of character for him and high temperatures. These teeth are sticking up under his gums like little pearls waiting to burst through but so far nothing. Its been over a month now that I can see them but they're determined to break my little babies temper.

What else can I do to help? How do I take away his pain and make it all ok for him. It's heartbreaking to watch. I've tried distracting him and keeping him busy which helps a bit but how can I make him happy again?


  1. Have you tried putting frozen fruit in a mesh feeder for him to gnaw on? Or even just making popsicles with some yogurt?

  2. we got ibuprofen syrup from the doctor. It take the temp away, takes the pain away and makes them dozy which was great for overnight

  3. Unfortunately R he doesnt like anything cold or out the freezer. I have frozen teething rings and his exact word for them is 'gads' lol.
    Yes dawn. We use ibruprofen too. It does work well sometimes especially intersperced with calpol but its not working for these ones. I just think they're beyond sore. :o(xx


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