Thursday, 5 August 2010

That BIG Descision

I may have mentioned before that I was dearly love more children or at least one more if I can. Well, this week was spent having lots of chats and heart to hearts with my Hubby about a lot of stuff, including that. 

I think I've made my choice and this time I want to be prepared. I'm going to try and shift a bit of weight so I feel a bit healthier before hand, do a bit of exercise and try and eat a bit better, drink a bit less and generally take better care of myself.

I am A negative blood type. This means that unless I have babies with the same blood type I carry antibodies of their blood which can harm future pregnancies. However, there is a course of  Anti D injections you take during your pregnancy to counteract this if you intend to have more children. I had them with Sophie but she is of the same blood type as me anyway so the after birth injection wasn't needed. With Caleb though out my pregnancy I refused all the injections as we had agreed on only one child together and my Hubby was booked in for the snip after he was born. I also refused the precautionary injection after Caleb was born and they tested his blood. He is O positive so his anti bodies would almost certainly attack any future pregnancies. At the time after my horrid hospital experience I was adamant no more babies.

The night before Hubby's small op I had endless panic attacks and was a wreck. I eventually begged him not to go and after much soul searching we eventually agreed to postpone it and talk again in a year or two. So here we are.

I have today spoken to my Health Visitor who contacted a midwife to find out my status with the lack of Anti D injections with Caleb and I'm reassured that as long as the pregnancy is planned and as soon as I know I am I should alert them straight away and go for injections to prevent miscarriage then I stand as good a chance as anyone of having a successful pregnancy.

Therefore my plan as such is to get this year and Christmas etc out of the way and if I still feel the same way then its all systems go.

I'm excited and apprehensive all at once. I know we have not much room here but then again it may not happen straight away, but even if it does people manage don't they?


  1. Well done for making the decision. It must make it easier. I wish we could!

  2. It's a tough decision! Must be a lot easier once you know what you're doing! I'd love another baby but it always comes down to money with us! I know it shouldn't matter because it is only money but it always does! Good luck!!

  3. Well done for making the decision! And its a great idea to take better care of yourself first much as it pains me to say a healthy diet and less alcohol can't be a bad thing ;)


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