Thursday, 26 August 2010

Rant Rant Rant

When I was tagged to have a bloody good moan by the lovely stillmumof5 over on her blog I was really quite delighted.

Today two things in particular have riled me into ranting.

1. My husband got his exam results for his diploma today and passed with flying colours. This is wonderful as he is now eligible for promotion. As soon as the envelope was open and he expressed how happy he was and I told him how proud I was he said straight away he was going up to tell his dad. I'm sick of coming second best to his family all the time. He wasn't interested in spending the time with us and celebrating with us. He has always seek ed validation  and approval with his father above and beyond anything from us. He will ignore his own children's wants and needs over his father in my eyes. I'm probably bias as I just don't like the argumentative heavy drinking man myself and my husband hero worships him. Heaven only knows why.

2. My long time abusive neighbour came today, after a warning from the local council regarding her anti social behaviour, and apologised to my husband about her bullying of my 12 year old for the last year. It was a half hearted useless apology that riled my husband even further as she then went on to say that its because Sophie and her pals have been scaring her and intimidating her. Her and her mother verbally attacked my 11 year old child last year in the street for no other reason than my husband being a police officer and they had waged a hate campaign against us as she's well known by the police and we totally ignored her so best attack was to intimidate a child. Then when she gets the normal reaction from any 12 year old of getting her pals to laugh at her in the street apparently she's the victim and Sophie's  is the bully. So to keep Sophie right when she got in tonight I suggested her going round to the door and saying that if she and her friends have upset her in any way she's sorry. So the little sowel agreed that it would maybe make things a lot better if she did and off she went while I stood at our door and listened in case there was nay abuse of any sort. Sophie trotted  up and said she was sorry for upsetting her and what does she get?? A lecture from an idiot with a brain of a knat about her attitude and a feeble 'well thanks fro coming to apologise but i should think so' and the door shut.
I am of course fuming beyond belief.

Then tonight my mum phoned and it all paled into insignificance. Someone very close to us's child was diagnosed with nueroblastoma last year and it was so far advanced it was almost beyond hope. After 18 months of long and terrible treatment for a very small child she's been told she's in remission.
Everything else has kind of paled into insignificance. So well and truely RANT OVER.

Thanks for listening.


  1. good luck to you and your family, and i hope that this has helped get things off your chest.

  2. Puts things into perspective xxx


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