Monday, 29 November 2010

My Babies Sunday Night Hospital Dash

Our Sunday night was a nightmare.

At around 6pm my husband went up to change Caleb's nappy before dinner and after 2 minutes he shouted me up. In his nappy was a lot of diluted blood and a small clot which had come out as he was wetting it. My first reaction was confusion then the thought that blood is never good. We hummed and hawed for a minute and then I said I would take him to the doctors on Monday morning when they opened. We came downstairs and I started to think about it more and more, so went on twitter and asked a few of the nurses on there and it seemed the general consensus was that with a little one it is always advisable to see someone sooner rather than later. I gave him some dinner and phoned Doctors on Call and got an appointment for around 8pm.  We wrapped up warm, packed a bag and headed off in the snow to the hospital.

When we arrived at the doctors a lovely Indian lady doctor who told us she had a little boy Caleb's age herself saw to him. Caleb thought she was great. She was very gentle and when trying to examine his tummy had him giggling a lot. It really put me at ease. After seeing the blood stained nappy and clot she sent us straight over to the pediatric ward at the hospital.  We went over and saw the lovely nurses who settled us in and put a bag on Caleb to collect a urine sample. He thought it was all great fun and let them do all their obs and entertained like the trooper he is. After an hour or so we managed to get his sample to them and they took it away to test and we were told we would have to wait for a doctor and as it was busy it may be some time. Caleb spent this time playing with cars on the big boys bed he was in and drawing on the bed table. He was an angel.

Around midnight a very nice lady doctor came and saw Caleb, she explained that his sample had a lot of blood, protein and leukocytes(excuse my spelling). She asked a lot of questions about his health and examined him again. She told us she thought it may be a Urinary Tract Infection but as Caleb is a boy and they are a lot harder to contract as a boy, and as he hadn't been ill at all it was all a bit strange. She decided she would have to consult her Registrar. Again we were left to sit for some time.

Around 2am a nurse came and told us the Registrar wanted another free flowing urine sample from Caleb and we would have to catch it in a cup they would give us. I felt impending doom at this but as I knew it was for his own good I got on with it. Then the games began of trying to chase a naked boy around the bed while trying to get him to drink and eat at gone 2am. What fun! Eventually at 3am we got one after he peed on the bed once and twice on me. Then they told us they were treating it as a UTI with antibiotics. His last sample was to be sent off to culture and see what grew and they would phone us on Wednesday with the results. If it shows he has a UTI and because there was no external reason for it, ie a virus or illness of any kind, they will be looking into the functioning of his kidneys through an x-ray and scan.

Today he's having more symptoms and seems a bit more uncomfortable when he's passing urine which is new but as always is still a soldier, but now we sit and wait for the results.

Tonight he's as cheeky as ever 
Thank you to everyone for their reassurance and advice while we were in hospital and since. It made it a lot more bearable having people to talk to.


  1. It's horrible when you don't know what's wrong with your little one isn't it! Sending him and you hugs! Hope all turns out well in the end x

  2. Gosh how scary! I hope Caleb is ok and thoughts are with you! x

  3. Hope he's feeling much better now lovely x

  4. Results were all clear thanks guys. hes well on the mend. xx


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