Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Alone Time is Good Time?

Something I've come to terms with over the last couple of days is that my kids don't need my constant attention at all available opportunity. Usually I feel bad if I go for a shower and don't let Caleb dot back and forward to me, or if I'm busy making dinner and he's all alone with just the television for company. When Sophie was his age I had extremely bad Post Natal Depression as I've said before and any timeout from being a mother was needed and I don't recall much of her life at Caleb's age. It's something I have eternal guilt over and probably overcompensate for it with them both now. I'm guilt ridden if I don't give them my constant attention when they need it.

Since we moved the rooms round upstairs though and Caleb has had more space to play he actually wants to be in his room. He's happy for anyone to play with him but also is so happy to be left alone and play. I spend the whole time checking on him though and even put my ipod in his room so he doesn't get lonely. He loves music and every now and again I peek round at him and he's dancing around his room and playing with his cars. But I still feel guilty that my boys alone and feel I should be in with him entertaining him and playing along side him. I sometimes worry that he thinks I've left him alone in the house and panics.

Snack, Juice and Music are the key. 
Having such fun with his cars.

 I wish I could just relax and let him have his alone time without the guilt or knots in my stomach.


  1. I'm sure he doesn't think that you have left him alone. He's just enjoying playing with his own imagination and will still be able to hear you pottering around, and will know that if he needs something, all he has to do is call you.

    If I was you, I'd enjoy that moments peace - get stuff done that you need to get done.

    I sometimes wish Freyja had a bigger room, just so that we could have this option.

    Don't feel guilty xx

  2. I also feel guilty if I'm not playing with my two year old all the time. I guess it's a case of getting the balance right. Sometimes she drags me to play things with her and sometimes she's perfectly happy playing on her own. I forget she's not a baby any more.

  3. We have just reached the same point so we're even later to it than you!
    Like Caleb the little one loves playing in her room and is happy on her own or seperate.

  4. I think you're totally spot on. Kids need to learn to be by themselves, they'll let you know if they need you soon enough.
    Please try not to feel guilty, knowing you are available for them is enough.


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