Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Blown away by Technology

At Christmas time we bought Caleb a V-Tech Storio from Santa as one of his main presents. I wondered at the time if he was maybe a little small for it as it is considered for ages 3+ and at Christmas he had only turned 2 weeks before. At first he was a bit baffled by it but loved the Toy Story3 E-book that came with it and liked us playing with it with him and showing him his favourite pictures.  At New Year I went online and registered it with V-Tech for updates and found some free educational E-Books in their library to download onto it which I did.

VTech Storio Animated Reading System

Recently he has found these books on there, one of which is underwater world fun and another a wonders of the world book. You wouldn't believe how quickly his speech has come on because of the Storio and his had eye co-ordination is incredible. He can play the pick the picture games and get them all correct. In these games the Storio offers you two pictures and a word and you have to touch the picture that matches the word. I thought it would all be too advanced for him but the way it teaches these things is through repetition and recognition and it works. He knows all the underwater creatures and says their names aloud and all the landmarks around the world too. His Eco Explorer app goes on safari and he now knows a huge range of animals.

I can't get over the amount these gadgets teach your little one in such a short period of time. I was a believer of real books over what I saw as a electronic game but its even started to encourage him more with real books. He will now have us read him a story then he will read it back to himself. Not word for word or anything but its such a huge change in his development I am just astounded. His big sister suggested getting him the mobigo too and I think we will for his next treat toy as I'm happy to spend on anything that helps his development after all the worries we've had with him.

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