Friday, 18 February 2011

Decorating Nightmare

I've blogged in the past about us doing some work to the house and I can now blog about how I am stopping the work and doing no more. This is way to stressful.

So far we have swapped all the bedrooms round and totally redecorated, freshened up all the paintwork, wall mounted the TV, bought, assembled and rebuilt Sophie's bedroom (and its fab) and added new soft furnishings throughout the house. Right now we have decorators in to strip, repaper, and paint our hall and staircase and remove and replace the banisters. During this process, we have had workmen in all over the place and so far we have managed to have a phone broken, white gloss dropped on wooden  flooring, Caleb catch a stinking cold from them, hall rug ruined and both sky boxes now needing an engineer out to sort them (which wont come cheap thanks Mr  TV engineer). Our decorator in the hallway is working on average 2 hours a day and so far hasn't even managed to get the wallpaper up after an entire weeks work, mess and dust.

 I'm exhausted, stressed and generally have had enough.  We were due to start on the bathroom next then redecorate the kitchen, but I'm done. I can't cope with anymore mess or workmen in the house. My Hubby has been instructed that hes to hang the new bathroom cabinet, shower screen and bath panel and to hell with the rest of the work. It's not that badly needed in there anyway I just fancied a change. The kitchen does need painted but I need some time out.

Why oh why did I ever start this. Anyway, I must go and wipe my child's streaming nose and fight my way through the contents of my hallway that are in my dining room and reach for the Valium.  *sniff*

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  1. I am not surprised you are exhausted after all that work & being left is such a stir. Take care.



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