Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A Boy and His Cat

In the last two days Caleb has started noticing much more about our Cats. I have two. Honeys 7 and a friendly playful little cat around him and he has enjoyed much fun over the last 2 years with her.

Misti is 18 this year and old with a false knee due to a dog attack and many aches and pains from being run over too in the past. She was a feral Kitten who I got at days old and raised as her Mother had been Knocked over and killed near our Flat at the time. She was the runt of the litter and I was told she wouldn't survive long. Well, she's still here and still as wild as the day she was born. With both kids I've had to be careful when they were little as she is very protective of me and doesn't like strangers at all. Both times though she has accepted new babies as part of me and never minded them much. As Sophie grew into a toddler the hatred began though. She would get Misti by the tail and drag her backwards around the house with her hissing and swiping at her and many a time I had to lock the cat out to stop fights. She was a lot younger then and a lot less tolerant.

As Sophie grew up though they became very close and Misti can often be found cuddled up with her the pair of them asleep.

This time round she just accepts everything about Caleb as a toddler and they seem to have an unspoken deal I believe. He's never rough with her and respects her space greatly. With Honey he drags her around throws things at  her and generally treats her like a toy. Its a mystery why he seems to understand that Misti is old and fragile and needs love and care more than anything.

The last two days though they seem to be closer than ever. He follows closely behind her and talks to her gently all day long. He even sits and waits for her to finish her dinner and she lets him which is amazing as she is food aggressive with everyone else including the other cat.  I always follow closely behind just to be sure but they seem to be at peace with one another. It's bizarre but then who knows what goes on between a boy and his cat.


  1. Awww that is cute. We have 2 cats as well. One of the cats is very anti-social, he runs whenever the kids are about. But Morgan is really lovely and loves to sit with Miss C, who loves to cuddle her and pet her.

  2. Aww that's so sweet, my cat is a grumpy old man, and has only ever really let me pick him up from when he was a kitten, when I was younger he would sit in my bike basket and I could sling him over my shoulder and carry him around, where as anyone else couldn't get more than a 2 second cuddle before the hissing started.
    My little niece has just turned one, and I found her sitting with him, poking in his ears and grobbing fur - I went to grab her before she got scratched and bitten, and then noticed he was letting her do it! After a few minutes, he chirruped and walked off. I truly believe animals and small children understand so much on instinct!


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