Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bedtime Stories

Recently in the news there was a report saying that a high percentage of parents no longer read to their little ones at bedtime. This shocked me and quite frankly made me doubt the survey.

I have always read to both my children at bedtime and throughout the day. Caleb is a lot more book orientated than Sophie was but still I read the same amount to both of them. Sophie still had a chapter or two of a book read to her up until she was 10/11. When she started secondary school she became 'too cool' to be read to and that's fine but at night I still make sure she reads herself when she has time or isn't too tired.

My husband comes in from work at night tired and hungry but always makes time to sit with Caleb and read a book. Caleb loves this time and I believe it's essential to have this special time with no TV's on. It's amazing how it affects Caleb's behaviour and demeanour too. He is calm and happy after all his stories at night and generally ready for his bed.

I hope the report and survey were flawed because I believe it's every child's right to have that snuggle time at bedtime when they get to hear their favourite books.


  1. My duaghter loves books! I can't imagine bedtime without a story or two.

  2. We love books in our house too, the cupboards are bursting with them. We have stories at bedtime and it's lovely just to sit and enjoy the words and pictures together.


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