Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Next Mr Titchmarsh????

Last week we went up to visit Grannie and Papa after not seeing them for so long what with everyone having flu etc after Christmas and New Year. We had a cup of Coffee and a lovely catch up. Caleb was desperate to get out in the garden to see grannies dragonfly ornament and as she had been planning to go out and do some cutting back we got wrapped up and went out to play. For the first half hour he just stood and chatted to the dragonfly and named grannies plants, but when Granny brought the bin out to clear up leaves and cut back plants he couldn't wait to get involved. And get involved he did. 

We spent the best part of 3 hours until it was dark helping Granny. Caleb had a step and every time Granny cut back a pl;ant he picked it up, stepped up and threw it  'In debeeeen' (in the bin).  When Granny missed a dead piece of plant Caleb went and pointed it out to her. He was great fun and so sensible too. As soon as it started getting too cold and dark he ran to Papa's office window and shouted up to him to come and get him which he did and we finished sweeping up.

He had a ball and Granny and I enjoyed his company and I think my Mum appreciated all his help. Maybe he'll be the  next Alan Titchmarsh. For now he's just our wonderful little helper.

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