Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Mother Nature -The Gallery

My post this week for 'The Gallery' features two differing views of the same place at two different times of the year. They're taken at the beach where I live and spend a lot of time. I love the water and find it the most healing place to be sometimes. 

 I love these photos as it shows how the sea is so different depending on the weather. It's one of mother natures most powerful forces and I think this first photo shows this in all its glory and power. It was taken mid December on a particularly windy day. I think this is it at its most beautiful but that's just my opinion. I love nothing more on a blustery winters day than standing on the Prom being buffeted by Mother Natures power. The kids are huge fans too and we love playing and being showered with the spray over the wall. 

I love how this second view of the same beach taken in mid summer shows that the sea with all its power can be such a tranquil and peaceful force too. Sometimes in the Summertime we go early in the morning before anyone arrives and just play in the fresh sand and paddle in the warm sea.   It's no wonder so many people love the seaside in summer is it?

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  1. I've also gone for a beach shot. fab photos - beach looks great, love beaches.

  2. its a gorgeous beach hon. must hop over and check yours out. :o)

  3. Both are fantastic pictures of the sea. Such a beautiful place!

  4. Thanks hon. I love the beach. Its the one thing Id miss if we ever moved.

  5. Wow, hard to believe it's the same beach! Really gorgeous photo's!

  6. Thanks for your comment hon. I love my beach. :o)


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