Sunday, 30 January 2011

Teenage Problems Escalate

Do you know, I'm so tired tonight of the girls antics last night that I can't even stand to put it all down on here. All I can say is for the first time ever my 13 year old child came home absolutely paralytic and violently sick after drinking more than one bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 to herself.

I am disgusted appalled and can't believe she's so determined to rebel.

I can't bear to put the whole sordid thing down on here but basically she will NOT be back out at all for the long term. School and home. No other activities at all including her school hockey and if she needs to be treated like an infant then that's what will happen.

We are all incredibly upset and worried about her and I'm exhausted after lying awake all night worried my child would vomit and choke in her sleep or fall unconscious.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that she's gone off the rails like this. I really hope that you can lock down and nip it in the bud. Is there a friend of the family that she can talk to? Sounds like she really needs to open up to someone

  2. So sorry you are having to go through this with her. Hopefully as she's still so young this is just a phase she's going through and will see the error of her ways soon. And I agree with The Moiderer, it really does sound like she needs someone perhaps outside of the family to talk about things with as there must be a lot going round in her haed right now.

  3. Can I be frank? I think that "disgusted and appalled" are terrible things to say about a confused child. I think showing her that you love her and reassuring her that she can talk to you will get you a lot further than "treating her like an infant". Your relationship with her is breaking down and if you lose her trust, she might end up taking her behaviour further than she otherwise might have done. Try to respect her views and respect the fact that she's trying to find her place in the world, at a difficult stage between childhood and adulthood.

    I expect this comment will really upset you, but I remember a time when I behaved like your daughter and I think you need to accept that she's her own person with her own thoughts. You can't control her behaviour forever, but you can try to help her make the right choices.

  4. absolutely not upset at all hon. I think we are all learning all the time when parenting and Im always open to opinion and advice from any source. Its 4especially to hear from anyone who was there themselves. Theres alot to this story hence why I didn't put it down here in depth as a lot is private, but basically after a lot of other investigation its basically for no other reason last night than 'everyone does it'. Anyway, bottom line is I appreciate your oomment thank you.

  5. Thanks ladies yes I agree with the chatting. We have a super open chat relationship and I know the root of all thats going on and working with her on it. I'm angry at her for the excess more than anything but she is very close to a friend of ours and he will catch up with her tomorrow too. Shes also got the coucilor on board so we will contact them to see if she needs a chat and we'll all do anything we can as always, still she needs to learn in all walks of life there are rules and we have to live by them or in adult life it has repercusions. Shes deep down a lovely girl and I'm sure she'll come good. Just on here to vent for now.

  6. Oh I'm sorry you're having so much upset & worry with her lovely - I hope you find some way to sort it out :-( xx


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