Friday, 7 January 2011

The' Ju Ju be' Stroller Clip

The JU JU BE stroller clips.

This is a sponsored post.

Who out there has to throw the strap of their Nappy Change Bag over the handle of their pram/ stroller? I have up until now and when Caleb is backwards facing in his maxi cosi the bag always bumped his legs as the strap worked its way down the handle while we are out. Not any more. I was luck enough to be sent the 'Ju Ju Be' stroller clips to try out recently and its all changed.

They're cute with diamante on the clip and very handy, easy to use and definitely stop your change bag from bumping around on babies legs and sliding way down the handle and into the way of the wheels of your pram.

They're easy to connect to the handle and easy to clip onto the handle rings on most change bags.

We tried it on our Maxi Cosi Mura 3 and they were great.

I also found that instead of taking the bag on and off the clips it was easier to disconnect them from the pram and leave on the bag.

I'm sure they would also be strong enough to carry the odd shopping bag on.

I had a look on the Ju Ju Be website and some of their bags are super cute for all you expectant mums and super handy with the clips. Grab a quick look over at Some of their stuff looks so cute.

As buggy clips go, I think these are up there with the best on the market. Well done Ju Ju Be.


  1. Oooh what a great idea. Never seen those before. May have to invest. xx

  2. Theyre really cute hon. My sisters trying to Nick them lol x


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