Friday, 7 January 2011

Flu Jag Fail

I posted last week that little Caleb was very ill and about having to dash to the doctors with him. Well the inevitable has happened and now I have it too.

We had another trip to the GP yesterday and he confirmed it as Flu and a Chest Infection thrown in for good measure. It sux. The irony is I've had the seasonal Flu Jag that I always get as I am asthmatic but yet still have flu. In my book that's a huge FAIL for the flu jag.

The GP explained that the jag only protects you against 3 strains of seasonal flu and swine flu and they have seen a huge number of people this year with a different strain. Again, huge FAIL!!!

So why bother you may ask?? Well, I guess this year I've been unlucky. I haven't had seasonal Flu since starting to get a vaccine 6 years ago so I suppose I've been due a dose. This one is particularly nasty this year with nausea, aching bones and joints. Even my jaw and teeth hurt. I have zero energy and with a sick 2 year old to cope with it is not fun.

I hope it goes soon as after a full week of this 'dear god' I have had enough.

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