Friday, 28 January 2011

Caleb's Accident.

On Tuesday we took Caleb to softplay near us. I'm not keen on the places at the best of times but we sometimes go as it's one of the only times Caleb is around other kids and during school hours it can be nice and quiet.
Ball Pit fun. 
We got there and he went straight to the ball pit and played there for over an hour. After a while he was thirsty and hungry so he came over for some juice and sat up for a while with us while we had a coffee. It was at the table he spotted the ride ons. They have  very cool train and tractor ride ons near the toilet entrance and he wanted a shot. Daddy took him over and gave him 3 goes. They were having a rare old giggle and Caleb was so happy. I sat and watched and snapped away at how much fun he was having but said to my hubby to be careful as they were awful high up and to keep an eye on Caleb as he's very small for them.

having such fun with daddy. 

After a while we decided to order some lunch and let him have more time to play. Hubby went to order it and I stayed with Caleb on the tractor ride on. I stood right at his side the whole time. He seemed very happy on it and confident. As its right next to the toilet door there's a lot of kids running in and out so I swapped to the other side to stand next to him and 30 seconds later he literally just slid right off the seat sideways to the toilet door side. I reached out to grab him  but he was gone and face first onto the floor which is stone thinly covered with a carpet. I was round and on him in a split second but not quick enough to stop the bump. It instantly came up in a huge golf ball sized lump above his eyebrow. I ran and told hubby to cancel lunch and we had to get Caleb to a doctor to get checked out. I was holding him and he was screaming. It was awful.

I'm not great with bumps, blood and all that stuff and felt my stomach going and realised I had to get out of there. I was taken outside by one of the helpers with a sick bowl and water. Not my best mummy moment but I didn't want to upset Caleb any more. I quickly pulled myself together and we set off to the doctors. As soon as we got going in the car he fell asleep and I knew that's not good so Hubby went into the back seat and sat with him and tried to keep him awake with no success.

We arrived at the GP with an out cold toddler and trying to keep him awake. The doctor came out straight away and checked him over and said he thought he was fine just tired from the trauma and to go home and have lots of cuddles.

He's fine now and the proud owner of a weird shaped forehead but no lasting effects. He keeps asking to go back to the tractor. Heaven knows when I'll be ready for that.

The rather large brow line. 

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  1. What a nightmare. Not your fault though. These things just happens. Glad he's all fine in the end though.


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