Friday, 28 January 2011

The Hair

Ok so I have once cut Caleb's hair before when it was more than a trim and I hated it. Its been growing since last May and I swore I wouldn't touch it again. The yesterday it got to the stage where I couldn't do anything with it at all. It was driving me nuts so at lunchtime I decided to trim it up. Very soon into said trim it rapidly got shorter and shorter. Half way through I just thought stuff it and lopped the whole lot off. I'm a great believer in a change being as good as a rest, but this is a change I'm not keen on. I miss his curls. Admittedly he does look cute but it would've been nice to keep his baby curls a bit longer.

Before his haircut

So now I'm growing it again. Maybe not as unkempt as before but some curls back would be nice.


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