Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Emotions-Love v's Anger

For this weeks writing post for Sticky Fingers the gallery on Emotions I have chosen the two I probably feel the most on a day to day basis.

These pictures are of all the people/animals who live in my house and who I love more than life itself but also who send me nuts with anger on a daily basis.

I love you more than life.
You make me really mad.

I love to be needed by you.
Why cant you do it yourselves?

I love when you crave my attention.
When will I ever get 'my' time?

I love to help you grow and become better people.
Why cant you see the need to be better?

You are all my world!


  1. Oh I hear you girl :) Joy and frustration in equal measures :D Jen

  2. Yep! Although sometimes I need reminding about the joy as I get swallowed up with the rage and impatience... Lovely post.


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