Friday, 11 June 2010

Poor Sick Baby

Oh my poor little man is sickly. Hes had a snuffle since last Saturday and he has gotten progressively worse. I put it down to hay fever for the first few days as he had the red eyes and a runny nose but was still on good form. He was a bit unsettled at night so we gave him Calpol and it seemed to help him sleep a bit but he was so stuffed up. Then last night after a long day in Glasgow he deteriorated very quickly. It was scary.

He started a really chesty cough around bedtime and was choking and making himself sick coughing. He couldn't eat for choking and coughing or drink, so it became scary quickly. I eventually settled him and he slept through but with alot of choking and coughing again. The room was doused in albas oil and he was smothered in Vapor rub but to be frank I don't think any of it worked at all.

I have a fear. I deep rooted scary fear, after Sophie being very ill with her asthma around the same age as Caleb and almost stopping breathing in her sleep. She was rushed by ambulance blue and lifeless at 6am in the morning to the hospital where they put her on an oxygen mask and nebuliser for a week and also pumped her lungs full of steroids. She was terrified and so was I. They treated her very dismissively at the hospital and didn't even make me a bed to stay with my baby. I had to sleep in a chair in the visitors lounge or on her bed and never had a shower or food for the week. I had to rely on my parents to take a shift and bring me food so I could pop home and shower. I remember thinking I really would lose her and no one in the horrid hospital would care or help.

So this morning after a bit of an assessment of the boy I decided to get an emergency doctors visit for the late morning today and she said he had Bronchitis and needed an antibiotic. I think it was just in time too as after his nap today he seemed alot worse again. Tonight hes improving after his 3rd dose of medicine and ate dinner and drank alot of juice.

I feel relief and really hope hes on the mend as I really felt the panic building this morning again.

Maybe I worry too much second time round or maybe not enough. I never know where the balance is with little ones and illness. Some people seem to just take it all in their stride and carry on as normal. I wish I was a bit more like it sometimes.


  1. aww the poor darling - bronchitis. So glad you have got something for him and glad you took him to the Dr. Horrible experience with Sophie too. Glad she came through it ok

  2. you only do what is natural, to a loving caring parent. You are aware of the probs i have had with jaboo and i feel for you, wish we were closer,take care and remember to share the load and give yourself a break.xx

  3. Awe thanks guys. Its so good to hear from people I consider great mums that Im doing ok. Confidence in myself is something Im lacking even though Ive done it before I feel like a novice 12 years later. Youre advice and support means alot. xxx


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