Monday, 7 June 2010

Social Networking and True Friends

I have a question! Are the friends we make online true friends and how do we know they are? I do!

Twitter has to be considered a phenomenon doesn't it? We go online and chat to people we've never met, but some we truly hope to someday. I have made 2 or 3 true friends who i have met now more than once and have liked every one of them. So how do we know when we are chatting to people which ones would make good friends for us? Is it really any different to meeting someone in a new job and going for a coffee before we really know them, or meeting a fellow mummy at the school gate and hitting it off straight away? I've made true friends in my day to day 'real life' that way, who have remained in my life through thick and thin.

So what makes it so hard for the non twitter believers to grasp? I'm sure like any other networking site it has people who aren't as they seem but dont we meet people like that all through our lives on a day to day basis??

Am I too trusting? Every person I have given my email to or text regularly from twitter I trust. Most of them are there for chats and advice anytime and I count myself very lucky to have met such nice people.

So maybe I wont question the 'true friends' Ive made in life and how or where i made them but just appreciate every single one of them for their good points.

Have you made any friends on twitter or other social networking sites you have made a 'true' lifelong,( hopefully) friend of and how do you sort the wheat from the chaff?????


  1. To be honest, this is why I set up the penpal club. I have had one bad experience with Twitter but in general it's great. I think it's sad to think if I had no computer that I would lose touch instantly with a mass of people I now think of as my friend. I set up the penpal club so we could all write to each other the old fashioned way, with addresses and everything! That way, we can turn those online friendships into real ones and visit each other and not worry what happens if the computer is not available.

  2. Thats lovely hon. What a fab idea. I must join in. I have 3 ive met and we visit regularly and a few I hope to meet soon. Im very lucky.x

  3. Rite back atcha huni...I couldn't agree more..I too have met (yourself included) some fantastic peeps here..and yeah non believers dont get it :) xx Jen

  4. awe you too jen. Had a great time out last week. hope to do it again soon. maybe even meet with caleb for lunch next month.xx

  5. That a lovely blog. I must admit I was very loney when we first moved to Ireland - left all my friends behind - but social networking has meant I can keep in touch with old friends and make lots of new ones. Like you I have only ever given out my email or tel to very few people and they have all rewarded me with friendship. I couldnt be without it.

  6. Its truly a blessing if you meet the right people sheila.xx


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