Friday, 11 June 2010

The World Cup - How do you like yours??

I'm not too sure about the whole World Cup carry on this time round. I do love my football, and was quite excited about the prospect of it until my favourite footballer Didier Drogba was injured on Friday and ruled out of the first round games with a broken elbow. I like to pick a team to support and watch those games. I'm not so mad about the game that I'll watch every game on the TV for the next month.
As Scotland have a horrific team in my eyes, I usually support England and cheer them on, we're all British in my eyes after all, but this time round I thought I'd cheer on Ivory Coast and see my lovely man all in one go. But, its not to be!! I'm also a supporter of the Chelsea player Kalou tho and he also plays for Ivory Coast so may watch some matches. Of course I will cheer England on too and I hope the boys do well.
The amount of injuries in this World Cup has been mad and I think a lot of teams may be struggling without some top players. To be honest though I wish all the teams and players well and lets just hope for a fun, entertaining and good world cup all round.
Hope you all enjoy!!

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