Sunday, 6 June 2010

My Week, My Fun

Its been a super busy week this week.

Firstly, I had a lovely friend up from England for a few days. There were a few bottles of wine consumed, a lovely seafood platter eaten in gorgeous surroundings and a bbq to finish off her visit and a lovely week with great company.

On Monday I snuck off with my Hubby and got a tattoo consisting of two tiny stars under my hairline to represent my lovely kiddies. Its still healing but i love it. I was terrified it'd hurt before hand but in the end it was fine and i loved the experience. I must be mad but cant wait to get another tiny one hopefully if god blesses me with another bubba at some point.

As always my kiddies kept me on the hop and in the kitchen. They eat me out of house and home, but aint they cute about it?

Today I went up to see my parents as it was my dads 66th birthday. The Photo is of my sister who is 18 weeks pregnant with her second baby and my mum. It was a lovely day and my nephew was on great form and good fun.

I'm hoping to get down to some serious blogging this week and stop all the frivolities.

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