Wednesday, 9 June 2010

To Big Brother or not to Big Brother?

Well, here we go again. Its that time of year and the new and final series of Big Brother. Do we watch or do we not???? That's been the question in our house this week.

I haven't missed a series until last year. We watched the first two episodes last year and then gave up. I hate it when they pick people who are just too out there, and i also hate when they mess around with the house and housemates too much. My favourite series of all time was he first Big Brother. They were all pretty down to earth and I found it fascinating watching normalish people just living day to day in a small enclosed environment together.

The first two series were so the best from that point of view. As soon as they started divided the house in series 3 I found bits I disliked about the show and it gradually grated on me until last year I gave up. So, do I watch this year or not? Hubby and I have debated, and have decided that simply for the reason that its the last one that we will give it a week and see how we get on but will switch off its truly hideous.

Will you be watching?


  1. I watched! I've watched every single one apart from last year. Watched the first episode but just couldn't be bothered. Like you I hate it when people are just a bit to out there! What did you think of this lot? I thought in general they were a bit more normal so will give it a few episodes and see.
    My favourite series was the second. I just loved the Helen and Paul love story. It just seemed so romantic and realistic rather than the people who go in there desperate for some nookie nowadays!

  2. me too. loved all the real people. Its all too memememememe nowadays.
    Not sure what I made of tonights. Seems like alot of wannabes. Soemtimes they turn out ok though so I will give it a go for a few days.


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