Saturday, 29 May 2010

My Angel and Sleep

My little baby boy (or not so much nowadays) loves to sleep. He can sleep and sleep for hours day or night. I'm not complaining for a second but it can be quite restricting as he really seems to need to sleep so much and if he doesn't his behaviour can be intolerable .

Take Friday as an example. We had gone to tesco for the monthly huge shop and after half an hour there, only 2 hours out of bed for the day, he's yawning, cranky, rubbing his eyes and generally tired. So, i finish the shop as quickly as I can and head home, bribing him with dairylee dunkers to keep him awake in the car. When we get in at 11.30am I gave him a bottle and had a cuddle for half and hour and put him down to bed. Come 5pm he was still asleep and I had to wake him, which never goes down well with the boy and it took 20Min's to get him properly awake. Then at night it was Hubby's turn to get him to bed as I was out, and by all accounts he was sparkled at 8pm again.

Is too much sleep ever a bad thing??? Or does this boy just love his bed?? As Ive said, I'm not complaining, its just awkward to get out or get things done in a day when he obviously needs so much sleep.


  1. Wow, what a sleeper. I'd just say be grateful! I'd rather have the problem of a baby that sleeps lots rather than one that doesn't sleep at all! I am sure he's just snoozing to store up his energy so he never sleeps when

  2. Sleep is a self promoting state, the more they sleep the more they sleep! The alternative is way too difficult to contend with! He'll be doing a lot of growing & developing, 12 months from now when the last naps goes you'll read this post back to yourself through the tired eyes of a mamma with a full 12 hour toddler day! xx

  3. HAHA thanks for the comments guys. Yes I know I am super lucky with his sleep. His naps in the afternoon are my lifesavers and I get a lot done. Betcha I will be lost without them. But for now I will make the most of them. lol. xxx


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