Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Braces and My Nerves

Sophies going for braces. Proper train track braces. We've had a couple of appointments at the orthodonist and its all approved.

She's wanted this for a while as she's very concious of her squint teeth but she's only just lost the last of her baby teeth so now's the time to go ahead. Firstly she has to have 4 molars out the first two of which come out tonight. I'm dreading it more than she is. I can't bear the thought of anything ever hurting my kiddies. Its silly really but I really do end up a nervous wreck over it. She's aware of this too and so she phoned her gran last night and asked if she'll take her instead as she didn't want to upset me. I said I'm happy to go but she said 'no mummy you'll cry' so I'm relegated to staying at home and waiting for their return.

She then has two further teeth to come out next week which hubby has taken the day off to deal with for me. He can either sit with Caleb and I'll go or vice versa. I have a feeling she'll want me to stay away. Then at the end of this month she will get her train tracks on. In fact she gets them on her birthday. She's super excited and seems to be so determined for nice teeth that although she's aware of all the discomfort she will face she's determined. I'm super proud of her.

She's such a beautiful girl and I think this will make all the difference to her confidence. Apparently the braces stay on for 2 years then she will have a retainer until she's 20 to wear in the house and in bed.

As for tonight, I'm feeling sick already and my nerves are shattered. Good luck my baby girl.


  1. Good luck lovely - I detest anything dental related! She'll be so pleased with lovely straight teeth though!

  2. She came home without a tear in her eye with two HUGE teeth with massive roots on. Shes so brave and cant wait to get her braces on now. :o)


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