Sunday, 19 September 2010

Ten things I love and Hate about Motherhood.

Today I was thinking about all the pro's and con's about having babies and subsequently children and teenagers. I've made no secret of how hard it is with a (nearly)13 year old daughter and all my fears for her. I'm trying to work out the best time to go for my 3rd baby so thought I'd write out my lists of favourite things and aslo my pet hates.

Ten Things I Love.

1/ Cuddles from my kiddies
2/ Being pregnant
3/ Watching my kiddies live, learn, develop and reach new milestones
4/ Having fun together
5/ Watching my husband with the kids and admiring what a good dad he is really
6/ fussing
7/ Sitting with my sleeping boy and watching him (he's so gorgeous asleep)
8/ Watching them interact with other people
9/ The feeling of wanting to spend every waking moment with them
10/ Watching them play together. It wont last long as Sophie will soon be too grown up for playing but the       look on Caleb's face when they are is a priceless memory.

Ten things I Hate

1/ Constant pressure I put on myself to be a perfect mother
2/ The realisation I never will be
3/ Constant obsession with keeping them safe and healthy
4/ Sleep deprivation
5/ selfishly wanting some me time with no children or husband around
6/ The guilt of feeling like that sometimes
7/ The money worries
8/ knowing we are squeezing a growing family into a small house and wishing I could give them better
9/ Worrying every time your teenager leaves the house, that they will come to harm
10/ Stress

I need to learn to relax, but I know Im not that type of person and never will be.

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