Sunday, 19 September 2010

My Favourite Pram of all Time.

I've mentioned before my disappointment in some of the prams we've had for Caleb since he was born. Especially his maxi cosi mura 3. It was a bad buy, but since so many people around on twitter etc are expecting just now I thought I'd tell you a bit about my favourite pram.

When it comes to the best pram I've ever had for either child my Concorde Fusion is the absolute best. It's spacious and comfortable for him. The interior is padded and had brushed fake suede patches which make it look very luxurious. The wheels are gel filled so no punctures. The cross bar pops out easily to slot in a car seat or carry cot for younger babies. The rain cover folds up and slips into a zip pocket on the hood. The hood has a see through part so you can keep an eye on your sleeping baby. Its easy to maneuver and very light to push. The handle is adjustable for up to 4 positions and the back wheels can be adjusted for all terrain or pavements. The front wheels are lockable so you can have then spinning or straight. It has a fair sized shopping basket underneath. It feels very sturdy and safe for your baby and Caleb sleeps very happily in it.

We also got with it the ion car seat from birth to 13kg. Caleb was in it until he was 20 months as he is very light and its super handy. It clicks in over the pushchair seat so there's no taking seats off to replace with other ones and lifts out one handed with a handle button.

It has a detachable sunshade for the car or pram use and is super cosy.

This is the pram I will be using and adding to if I have any more babies. It was expensive but worth every penny and luckily I got it in an end of season sale for £300 for both the pushchair and the car seat. It pays to shop around.

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